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Ramona Valley Grill

First of all, Happy Easter! Last night we went back to the Ramona Valley Grill (or as the locals refer to it, RVG). It’s under “new ownership” since beginning of the year. Once upon a time, this place was actually a Sizzler. Not a lot has changed though. About the only difference I noticed was they are using tongs instead of spoons at the salad bar. Now this is fine for some ingredients, but other things tend to just get all clumped up in between the tongs, like the pasta salad, boiled egg and whatnot. Just frustrates me since I find myself banging it on the side of my plate in hopes that some will dislodge. And the chicken wings keep getting smaller. Highlight this time was the clam chowder. Had two cups…




The Par Lounge

Tonight my wife and I shared a BBQ chicken pizza and some great potato skins for dinner at the country club down the street. I think we’re finally ready to try doing some skins at home from scratch. Hopefully in the next few days…




It was a dollar menu lunch today at the W… Some sort of spicy cheeseburger thing with pepper jack and a piece of jalapeƱo. I was so unimpressed I forget what it was called. I’m sure it had some catchy name. I won’t be ordering this again. The highlight was definitely the crispy chicken Caesar wrap. I could eat these all day!



Bacon wrapped hotdogs

Now this is tube-steaks done right! Another recipe inspired by the BBQ Pit Boys. I used some fatty Hebrew National franks, split down the middle about half way. Just enough to tuck some strips of pepper jack cheese. Wrapped it all up with bacon and onto the grill, indirect. Towards the end I glazed with a little brushing of BBQ sauce.




Sausage biscuit with egg for breakfast this morning. NO cheese! There’s no place for cheese on my biscuits… Or filet o’fish for that matter.


Panda Express

Two item combo for lunch today… My go-to staples are always orange chicken and chow mein. This time the wild card was a pepper chicken type thing with too many vegetables and not enough meat.


Black iron pan potatoes

This is a recipe we tried, inspired by the BBQ Pit Boys on YouTube. You stuff an iron skillet with some Yukon gold type potatoes and slice them up in place. Top with cut up onion and pour on a stick of melted butter with some fresh garlic in it. Cook in your BBQ (I’m using a Weber kettle Performer), indirect for about 45 minutes (lid on). Top with liberal amounts of crumbled bacon and shredded cheddar cheese. Replace the lid and let it go another 15 minutes or so. Turned out excellent. Not something you want to eat everyday though…



Don Jose Mexican Restaurant

On my way back home from the high desert, I always stop in at Don Jose in Lake Elsinore for a late lunch/early dinner. It’s a good half way spot and provides me with one of the best tamales around. Here’s the combination 6a, cheese enchilada and tamale, adorned with tender chucks of beef. I was seated next to the window, probably near that stained glass cactus, which spotlighted my tamale in some sun rays… There is an enchilada beneath that blanket of green onions!



Bass Pro Shops

In Rancho Cucamonga, the Islamorada Fish Company I think they call it. Attached to the Outdoor World… I used to get their shrimp and crawfish combo. That’s off the menu now so I just got the all-up fried crawfish meal. It was excellent. Too bad I live a couple hours away.


Mimi’s Cafe

One of my favorite standbys, the club sammich. Good for lunch, dinner, or whatever… Mimi does a decent job with some tasty fries. With three layers of toasted bread I always ask for extra mayo though…


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