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Outback Steakhouse

Got the grilled salmon again at Outback. Much better than Claim Jumper. Cooked perfectly and not overdone. Only problem is the portion size is too small. Cheese salad to start things off…



Par Lounge Redux

Seems like we were just here! Oh well, it’s our usual spot after camping. This time the weather and timing was just right to sit on the patio and enjoy a view of the golf course. Tater skins again, with a great IPA…


Bull Taco

This is a chain of about 3 or 4 taco shops, this one being at the San Elijo State Beach campground. Great view and excellent food. I got the shrimp tacos with chorizo and bacon. Served with some of the best chips I’ve put in my mouth…



Par Lounge

Back to basics with a good ol’ appetizer sampler platter. Chicken, rings, fried cheese, and tater skins. Big enough to share with my wife and son…



Probably one of my favorite fast food spots. Too bad most of them are closing. I stopped by for lunch and thought for a moment I was in Long John Silver by mistake. The average age must have been 80+. I was definitely the youngest person in there. I always love their classic roast beef sammiches with ample sides of Arby and Horsey sauce. And who doesn’t love those great curly fries…



Had dinner recently at our neighborhood Wendy’s. Tried the “limited time only” Tuscan Chicken on Ciabatta. It had plump breaded chicken with a white cheese, some exotic European inspired spread sauce, and the weird fancy lettuce that tastes like tissue paper. It was a decent sammich, but I wouldn’t order it again. Not when I could get a Baconator…


CYO Pizza & Salad

This is a great new lunch spot I found. CYO stands for “craft your own”. Despite the invitation to craft my own, I chose one of their predetermined pies. This is made with pepperoni, sausage and pork belly. Probably one of the best looking pizzas I’ve photographed. And it tasted as good as it looks!



Jersey Mike’s

Sub sammich for lunch.  It was some kind of Italian cold cut combo thing.  Really though, it was more of a lettuce sandwich.  Overall tasty, but could have used more meat for sure…


Happy Independence Day



My favorite place at the mall! I think the best part is sitting there watching them make the rolls from scratch. Man they use lots of butter… We also like the pecan buns. I’m always tempted to take home one of their six packs, but I would have to keep buying new clothes…


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