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Breakfast Tacos

One of our go-to meals while camping are these excellent breakfast tacos. Just some warm flour tortillas with fried egg, thick bacon, shredded cheese and some hot sauce. I could eat these any time of the day. Easy, quick and tasty.


Mission Bay RV Resort

This was a quick dinner from the place they call the Snack Shack at the camping spot we recently stayed at. Humble chicken patty sammich with bacon that was fairly tasty and some crispy tater tots.


Los Rancheros Taco Shop

The next Ramona taco shop we tried on our carne asada burrito challenge was Los Rancheros. Back in the day this was actually a Rally’s. You might be able to tell from the architecture. This turned out to be our favorite carne asada burrito in town for a variety of reasons. We also had the carne chips which were tasty. The only thing is, this place has no normal seating or a dining area. It’s just outdoors concrete blocks and tables. I’m not a fan of al fresco dining, especially in windy or hot conditions. We ate this at the local micro brewery down the street. Best of both worlds!





The McChicken sandwich remains my go-to dollar menu choice. I usually order two at a time. Just a sad chicken patty dressed with some shredded lettuce and mayonnaise on a toasty bun…



Tried the new Brooklyn Style pizza at Domino’s. Big, floppy, foldable slices. It was really good, although the sausage nodules appeared somewhat unappetizing. I’ll just leave it at that… You can draw your own conclusions and parallels…


Panda Express

It’s true, adding bacon makes anything better. Well maybe anything but ice cream. Tried the new orange chicken with bacon at Panda and it was excellent. Expect at 50 cent surcharge though…


Par Lounge

Worked the Calamari appetizer at the Par Lounge (Oaks Grille) recently. $2 off during happy hour. It was really good with the majority of it being body meat. Only one hideous spidery leg cluster I left behind. Could have been served hotter. Tasted like it had sat for a few minutes. Came with a side of classic marinara and a sweet & spicy oriental sauce. I also ordered a side of their onion rings. Some of the best rings in Ramona, next to Boll Weevil. The faux news print liner didn’t make them taste better, but it was a nice touch…


Los Amigos

We stayed close to home for this weeks carne asada burrito and went to Los Amigos. For $5.99 it’s made with carne; tomato; onion; and everyone’s favorite – – – lettuce and “creamy” guacamole.
I’ve eaten here for years and this is the first time I tried their carne asada burrito. It seemed I wasn’t missing much. I’ve always loved their carnitas burritos, flautas and whatnot… Best part of this one was the tortilla. My wife raved how good the tort was. The carne was well seasoned, although exceptionally mealy in texture. I’m not afraid of lettuce in burritos, so that didn’t bother me.
Really great thing is they are very nice folks and serve up a big plate of chips while you wait. Also some of the best salsa I’ve had at an up the hill taco shop…





This carne asada burrito in our challenge series was from Rubio’s. I know they are a chain, but it’s still a taco shop and it’s on the menu. This one was probably best characterized by the term “most”. It was the most expensive, most small, most freshest tasting ingredients, and most likely not to order again. Highlight here was the Stone IPA.


Nuevo Grill & Cantina

One of our favorite enchilada spots in town… On the surface this looks like their chicken enchiladas which I dearly adore. Love the verde sauce, cheese and red onions on top. Hard to tell from the outside, but these were actually shrimp enchiladas. Not on the menu but available upon special request. The shrimp was not abundant for the tortilla size, but still tasty. I’d also recommend less or no cheese on top.
They have also recently began offering 25oz frosty mug drafts. Definitely my new favorite. Paired with the best chips & salsa in town, it’s hard to beat.




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