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New Years Eve

For lunch – a bakery fresh roll blanketed with a creamy horseradish sauce and leftover Christmas ham fried up in the skillet.


Dinner at the Par Lounge, which is part of the San Vicente Inn & Resort.  Literally the closest place to home.  Didn’t want to be out on the roads tonight.  Here is a personal size pizza.


Appetizer sampler thing with potato skins, onion rings, cheese things, and chicken tenders.


I’ve seen a lot of kids menu grilled cheeses, but this is the first I’ve seen a “half” grilled cheese.  How cheap can you be?  Must be gold plated bread…




On the right is the tuna pasta salad, which is actually very good.


Fried shrimp…Speaks for itself.


Chips & taco seasoned ground beef with cheese & pico.  Chicken wings.


Hometown Buffet

Hometown Buffet tonight. Had to mix it up at the Chinese and Mexican stations for this one. A bed of white rice topped with taco seasoned ground beef with a crown of cheese and onions. Then some green Tabasco. Good stuff. That is supposed to be carnitas on the side.


Fried chicken (very meaty), bbq smoked sausage (love the deep, rich mahogany color), fries, fish that seemed to have been cooked sometime last week.


The “W”

12/28 – went to Wendy’s.  Tried what they call “The W” this time.  I think it stands for Wendy or something, but I can’t help thinking of 43.  Anyway, for me, W stands for Won’t order again.  Back to my favorite, the Baconator.  First time I didn’t remove the pickles from the burger – and it wasn’t bad…


Quik (Iron) Wok

My biannual trip to Quik Wok (now known as Iron Wok). Used to get soup or salad. Now it’s lunch on two plates! This is Kung Pao Chicken with Fried Rice. Need to tell them “no water chestnuts”. No idea why they put it in the Kung Pao. It’s just a filler, like beans in a burrito.


Married on the plate, Much better this way…


La Piazza

This is one from earlier this month while I was in New York (Long Island). La Piazza was a standout restaurant. Informal pizza in front and sit down restaurant in back. The was the Spaghetti al Cartoccio. Spaghetti in a sambuca infused pink sauce with sweet italian sausage and shrimp wrapped in foil then baked. One of only a few times that I remarked to myself that this shrimp was succulent and sweet. I don’t say that often. Excellent dinner.



From the freezer section at Smart & Final. Farm Rich. These were mini pizza slices and mozzarella cheese sticks. Both very tasty. Watch the cheese sticks in the oven though. If over cooked they tend to spooge.


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