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Pork & Beer

One of my wife’s signature dishes–slow cooker pulled pork. Although no smoke ring, it always turns out excellent…


This is an interesting beer I found at Bev Mo last week. Double Old Thumper Ale from Maine. Best part is it’s 11.2 ABV!


Penne with meat sauce


Stone Brewery

This is the stone brewery bistro restaurant. Below is a delicious appetizer called Mac and beer cheese. It has wonderful smoked sausages…


This is what they call the “chef’s special”. It is Australian Waygu beef top sirloin. Served atop a delicious Yukon Gold Brabant potato. Shown here with Stones Arrogant Bastard Ale…


Lunch and dinner

This was lunch at a taco shop called Los Primos. I ordered flautas, but it came out looking more like chimichanga.


Dinner at Tommy’s. This was the extra chili cheeseburger. Yes, there is a burger patty behind all of that. I like the fact that their chili does not have beans, but I am put off by the deep mahogany color.


Portillo’s famous beef

At home…


TGI Friday’s on Saturday

So we went to Friday’s tonight and just got appetizers. This was some chicken thing with a Panko crust and their Jack Daniels glaze sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds, it was tasty. Below that is a close-up of their loaded chicken nachos. I don’t get the red chips…



Claim Jumper

This was happy hour at Claim Jumper. Barbecue chicken pizza and calamari. The calamari was fairly institutional, but I preferred not to have all those hideous spidery legs in there so it worked out for me…


It’s not delivery…

… It’s frozen pizza on a fancy square white plate.


My favorite vegetable

That’s right, macaroni and cheese. My wife made her signature dish tonight. All from scratch with a béchamel sauce and everything. Even had bacon. Also tried a side ramekin, and mixed in some crumbled blue cheese. It was excellent…



I love a good biscuit and McDonald’s doesn’t disappoint…


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