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Chicken Enchiladas Verde

This is at Nuevo Grill up in town. They have won awards for their margaritas and chips & salsa. I most like the piping hot plates and ice cold 23 oz drafts.


Eggs Benedict

This was at the country club down the street. The Oaks Grille. Usually we just eat at the Par Lounge side for dinner. First time for breakfast. I was impressed. I asked them to make sure the whites were cooked through. This resulted in yolks that were cooked through. Next time i won’t say anything and we’ll see how it goes.


Sea World

This is the wonderful eating place at Sea World. Beef sandwich and excellent potato salad. Best of all they have a wonderful beer selection. They have a souvenir Pilsner glass (plastic) that you can bring back on subsequent visits and get about a four dollar break on your beer.


Carne Asada Burrito

Back in SoCal. That could only mean one thing – Mexican food! On the way home from the airport last night i stopped by Serrano’s Super Salsa. They undoubtedly have the best burritos in town. Sorry, the pics are kind of shaky…


I normally don’t like bite shots, I think they’re kind of gross… But a tortilla looks like a tortilla, you can’t get much out of that. This shot shows the goodness inside…



So I’m in Maryland for a couple days and that of course means crab! I have my favorite spots down in southern MD but this time I’m near BWI.

This here is G&M Restaurant and Lounge. It’s a local institution. Really the only good thing here are the crabcakes.


This below was tonight. A really trippy place called Timbuktu Restaurant and Lounge. (Notice a recurring theme here?). This was a dish they call “Jewels of the Sea”. It had a crabcake (excellent), scallops (decent), shrimp (fair), lobster tail (poor). I’m telling you – the lobster was no jewel. Way over cooked.


Sunday Donut Day



Lunch today. Strips and a hot biscuit.


Dinner tonight

I think I’ve posted this one before but the picture always turns out so good. This is the Blue Burger at the Par Lounge down the street.


Breakfast and lunch today

Embassy Suites LAX South.


Pastrami at Tomboy’s Famous Chiliburgers.


Mariscos Mar de Cortez

Second time we’ve been here. This place can best be described as a “taco shop” wrapped in the comforts and service of a sit down restaurant with real plates and silverware. Here is the #3, a beef taco and cheese enchilada. The place has bars on the windows, but the parking lot is classy…



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