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Dinner tonight

This is the Ultimate Fish & Shrimp at Claim Jumper. I saw on their Facebook page that this is the last week for this dish. So, had to go get it one more time. I don’t understand why these restaurants have to make their best dishes available for only a limited time. This was a really good dish. Blackened tilapia with grilled shrimp and rice, plus fish and chips. How could you go wrong with all of that goodness? Barely seen here was a wonderful Stone IPA.


Fried Rice Bowl

Yesterday for lunch. At Pei Wei Asian Diner.


Tri Tip Roast

Picked up a tri tip 2-pack today at Costco. Used my Weber kettle and seared it over my lump charcoal for a few minutes per side then indirect for about 40 minutes at 300F. Turned out great, pink, and juicy!


Boll Weevil

Our rustic little Boll Weevil here in Ramona. This is a “seat yourself” place which I kind of like… Here is a schooner of beer, frings, and a cheese steerburger.




Father’s Day dinner

At STACKED in Fashion Valley Mall. One of three in Cali. Love this place. This is the “Stack ‘n Bleu”. Plus two fairly high ABV ales. I love my family!


This is the cheese fries with garlic aioli. I think their aioli would be good on just about anything but ice cream.


Father’s Day weekend brunch

At the San Vicente Inn & Country Club, Oaks Grille Restaurant. Eggs Benedict.


Don Jose

Have you noticed that all my Mexican combination plates usually consist of tamale/enchilada? I love a good taco, but I’m usually irritated when half of it falls out then the bottom cracks. So i tend to stick with things I can eat with a fork. This was at Don Jose in Lake Elsinore. Probably my favorite tamale anywhere. I always try to stop here when passing through.


Mexico Lindo

This was a humble little place in a depressed strip mall located in an even more depressing town called Phelan. It is situated in the high desert of California somewhere between Nothingthere and Nowhere. Mexico Lindo was reviewed very well on Yelp. Must have been all locals. This was the #13, tamal y enchilada. It was only decent. I’ve had worse enchiladas. But not much worse.


Tamale y enchilada

This was from an old Mexican restaurant in Poway, nestled among a myriad of thrift shops and a pawn shop. It used to be called El Comal. Now it is know as Rene’s. At times you can still see the matriarch (Mama Comal i call her) shuffling around the reataurant. She must be about 105 by now, bless her heart.


Fish & Chips

This is a relatively new place in Poway called Company Pub. Decent food although the service was somewhat surly.


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