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Shrimp Scampi

This was at the Green Flash. A dive at the beach in San Diego. While out bike riding we stopped for lunch. It was excellent!


Hometown Buffet

I tried their new Asian stirfry section tonight. It was actually pretty tasty with just the right amount of spicy.


New Starbucks

We have a brand new Starbucks in our sleepy town. It is by far the most beautiful one I have been in. Here is a great shot of my sausage muffin breakfast sandwich this morning.



I think the best part of this appetizer is their excellent remoulade bloom sauce…



After a long weekend camping, a dozen fried shrimp sounded good.


Par Lounge

Happy Hour half price appetizers. Tonight i had the calamari. Not the best I’ve had by any stretch, but at least it didn’t have any of them hideous spidery legs. The pic actually makes it look like dino chicken nuggets so I suppose it was pretty institutional.


Stromboli revisited

Normally I try to avoid reposting the same thing. This time however I was able to get a good cross-section shot. Shown here is one of my Stromboli sections kept warm in the oven from Ramona Lisa’s down the street.


Artisan Breakfast Sandwich

At Starbucks. Very tasty, but the center was stone cold.


Back in SoCal

Carne asada burrito at Super Salsa. It’s expensive at $9, but it’s the best one you’ll put in your mouth.


Boulder Beer Company

Fish & Chips and a local ale.


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