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For breakfast this morning at Mi Ranchito taco shop.


Queso Fresco

A wonderful “non-melting cheese”, queso fresco is a staple in Mexican cooking. It’s fun and tasty to just fry up a chunk in the skillet. It develops a beautiful golden crust and gets warm and soft inside. Shown here served with salsa verde and tortilla chips.



Breakfast and Lunch

Before and after our long bike ride today. Sausage breakfast sandwich from Starbucks and Double Double from In n Out.



Egg McMuffin

I strayed from my traditional hot biscuit this morning…


Fish tacos

Tonight at Mariscos Mar de Cortez. One grilled and one breaded & fried. Pretty decent as long as you add some salsa verde and generous lime squeezin’s.


San Diego Yacht Club

Today I accompanied my father to his 60th high school reunion. (I knew we had to get there early as the handicap parking would fill up fast). It was a luncheon buffet affair at the SDYC. A good time was had by most.


Dessert shot with Instagram treatment.


Tortilla Jo’s

Being at Downtown Disney, this place obviously does not rely on repeat business. The prices were extremely high for standard Mexican fare and the flavors were bland. All of their 2 item combos were $17!!! So I opted for an a la carte enchilada for $5.50. I chose the Suizas enchilada which has chicken and a green sauce. The chicken tasted like it came from a can and the sauce, what little there was, was flavorless. My wife chose the beef enchilada. I had a bite and would have rather had that. No matter how much i tried to negotiate a trade, she knew better. I’m usually not one to order an a la carte meal, but after this mornings breakfast (see below post), my constitution couldn’t handle much more.


Hotel breakfast

This morning at the Embassy Suites Anaheim South near Disneyland.


Clancy’s Bar & Grill

In Anaheim for the night. This place was reviewed pretty well on Yelp, although very few patrons at 4:30. This was their Mac Attack – Blue Bayou Mac. Mac & cheese with blue cheese, bacon, and onions. The onions were a bit much, but the blue wasn’t overdone. It was tasty even though it doesn’t look very appetizing. It could have used more time in the oven. Or being put in the oven to begin with! At least it would have wound up with an attractive crust.


Lunch today

I know I recently posted this same sandwich from our local Starbucks. But this is a much better shot showing the ham and cheese spilling out… Hot ham and Swiss Panini.


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