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Chicken sandwich

Early dinner tonight at Chick fil A. I tried the spicy one, and it was spicy, although good. The sandwich came dry so I added some mayonnaise.


Country Club Quesadilla

Tonight at the Par Lounge. Happy hour half prices appetizers. It was really good. Made with chicken, two cheeses, green chiles, cilantro, etc.


McSkillet Burrito

I would say this was at McDonald’s, but I think the “Mc” prefix gave it away. Yes, that is American cheese peeking out. Would have tasted much better with a real cheese like cheddar or jack.


The dreaded bite shot. Sorry, but it’s a burrito!


Country Club Breakfast

I departed from my usual (eggs benedict) this morning. Here is their Denver Omelette. Very well done (with Cholula). Of course the complimentary champagne was a welcome addition.


BGR – The Burger Joint

I went in expecting a hamburger. The menu beckoned otherwise claiming their lobster roll sliders were only available through September. Well, it’s September so I couldn’t resist.


Hotel breakfast

This morning at the Embassy Suites. Yes, that is a flat omelette underneath that blanket of bacon.



We all know they’re stingy with the cheese. Now they skimp on the vegetables! My footlong was made with about 10″ of lettuce and 8″ of onions. I had to keep asking for more. They happily obliged but it still wound up a mess. Maybe it was all the mayonnaise.


Happy Labor Day

This was at Hacienda Casa Blanca. I used to go here way back in the day as a kid when it was called Antonio’s Hacienda. This is a cheese enchilada and beef tamale combination.


I really love their classy, elegant and understated dining room… Just kidding. As far as I’m concerned, with Mexican restaurants, the tackier the better.


Sunday Dinner

Olive Garden’s Tour of Italy. Lasagna, fettuccine Alfredo, and lightly breaded chicken Parmesan.


Sunday Breakfast

Sausage biscuit with egg at McDonald’s.


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