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Fish and shrimp

At the Edgewater Grille in Seaport Village, San Diego… The coleslaw was especially good. It was flavored very well, dressed delicately, not all soupy like.


Three Squares

Starbucks, Chik-fil-A, and Claim Jumper. What a day!




Hotel breakfast

Well, I almost forgot! I know it’s out of order, but I had to throw this one up. I really like how the English muffin turned out. At the Doubletree this morning.


Don Jose’s

Enchilada and tamale. What else. This is a Don Jose in Laguna Hills. It was decent, but not nearly as good as a Don J in Lake Elsinore.


Rosario’s Italian restaurant

Just down the street from the Doubletree here, it was time for some real pizza… 10 inch pie with sausage and green peppers. Rosario’s was a really good hole-in-the wall place in a somewhat seedy part of town. I think there was more sausage on this pizza than most Americans consume in a year, unless you live in Iowa…


Doubletree dinner

What are these hideous green nodules in my bar-mix? Must be dried peas. Not touching my lips! The pizza was just mediocre. Which is always better than no pizza at all!



Claim Jumper

Tonight was simply a trip to the Produce Bar and a Club Sandwich with extra mayonnaise.



Casino buffet

Today is my wife’s birthday, so we went to the Barona Casino & Resort for their award winning buffet. A great spot for special occasions, and close to home. I wound up eating a number of plates, but these were the most photogenic. Best tasting, although not shown here, was the Mongolian Grill.



Hotel breakfast

Again, at the Doubletree. Decent breakfast buffet fare, with scrambled eggs, bacon, French toast. There is even a fat sausage hiding back there. The plates were definitely too small though.


Happy hour half price appetizer

At the Doubletree Hotel in El Segundo. Mac & cheese with bacon, made with Swiss cheese. It was better than I was expecting for hotel fare.


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