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Starbucks Breakfast Sandwich

This is one of my favorites. Sausage, egg and cheese on an English muffin. Day off work, getting ready for a camping trip this weekend.


Hotel Breakfast

At the Homewood Suites in Lancaster, CA. I’ve had worse. My wife saw the picture and said “hamburger patty for breakfast?” I suppose it does look like a burger patty, but it was indeed sausage.


Bass Pro Shops Fish Company

On my way to the high desert for a couple days so I had to stop by this neat place in Rancho Cucamonga off the 15. This is a restaurant connected to a Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. This is the fried shrimp and crawfish. Had a nice seat by the fireplace. I’m sure my wife is going to be upset she wasn’t with me.

We were actually here last summer and I had the same dish. I always love crawfish but where I usually get them (Popeyes) it’s seasonal. November only I believe, so this was a real treat.



Mi Ranchito Taco Shop

I know it’s hard to tell, but this is a ham, egg and cheese burrito. The breakfast burrito I got at Manana’s a couple weeks ago was much better. I think I’ll just go back there next time. At least they have a great salsa bar instead of hot sauce in a ketchup bottle.

So it’s Sunday morning at 9:00 am and this guy walks in and orders about $25 worth of food – and two Bud Lights – which he manages to consume (both) while waiting for his order. Only in Ramona I guess. I mean come on, it’s Sunday morning! At least wait til noon like I do.



Olive Garden

Tried something new tonight. This is what they call Spicy Shrimp Vesuvio. It’s shrimp sautéed in a spicy blend of hot cherry peppers, roasted red peppers, spinach and arrabbiata sauce. Served over bucatini pasta and topped with pancetta. It was tasty, but really too much going on for my tastes and it really didnt come together on the plate.


Nutella Croissants

Saturday breakfast for a drizzly morning. I’ve been inspired for sometime to try making this. I’ve researched a number of techniques. I simply used a can of refrigerated croissant dough, spread some Nutella and rolled them up. After coming out of the oven I dusted with some confectioners sugar. This was a really big hit with the family this morning!



Claim Jumper

This is their Ultimate Fish & Shrimp. It’s basically fish and shrimp two ways. Blackened tilapia with rice, fish & chips, grilled shrimp and fried shrimp. Available for a limited time only of course. I had this last year around this time and just had to have it again. A wonderful meal.



Had a Baconator for dinner tonight.  It’s been a while since I’ve had one of these and now I remember why.  It’s a perfect marriage of goodness – beef, bacon, cheese and mayonnaise.  Definitely not something you want to eat everyday…

Weird weather today.  It’s been cloudy and warm here in SoCal…




Angel Hair with Shrimp

Threw this one together at the last minute. I just love angel hair pasta, but it requires a delicate sauce. And be careful not to overcook the pasta! I simply sautéed some shrimp with garlic and shallot, then deglazed the pan with white wine. After reducing for a few minutes, mounted with butter then tossed in the cooked angel hair. Also includes garlic crostini made with my wife’s homemade French loaves.


Carne Asada Tacos

Just about everything here was from scratch, minus butchering the steer. My wife has recently perfected homemade flour tortillas, seen here. We also got some flap meat from the local Mexican market and made our own marinade. Topped with freshly grated queso fresco and a squeeze of lime.


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