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Bucatini Carbonara

Made a wonderful carbonara tonight using ingredients from our visit to Little Italy on Friday. Pancetta, Pecorino Romano and bucatini pasta. I’ve never worked with bucatini before. It’s like a really fat spaghetti. The eggs and cream were local Ramona fare.

Rendered down the pancetta, then added some onion and garlic to caramelize, and deglazed with heavy cream. Tossed with cooked bucatini and added in a couple eggs mixed with the pecorino and a lot of freshly cracked black pepper.




Sausage McGriddle for breakfast this morning. I know I posted one of these recently but I really like how this pic turned out.


BBQ Chicken Pizza

Family get together tonight and this was one of the pizzas. I don’t know why we don’t eat this more often. It was really good with the chicken, cheese, BBQ sauce and red onions. May try making this at home soon now that my wife is mastering pizza dough.


Off Friday

Started the day with a chocolate croissant from Starbucks.


Then we went downtown to San Diego’s Little Italy and did some food shopping. Here is Mona Lisa Italian Foods and Assenti’s Pasta. Came home with lots of good stuff. Some pancetta, pecorino Romano, Gorgonzola, bucatini, evoo, etc.






Then on to Old Town San Diego State Park for a Mexican lunch. Went to a place called Casa de Reyes. Of course I got my usual enchilada & tamale. It was patio dining and the weather was perfect. About 70°. The place was replete with tacky decorations, just the way I like it.




Penne alla Vodka

Tonight for dinner I made another alla vodka. This time with penne. I think I prefer a larger pasta like rigatoni or pennoni for a dish like this. Also included a nice garlic crostini made with slices of my wife’s homemade French loaves.

So, I don’t know if I’m dumb or smart for using expensive vodka to cook with. It was only half a cup. I got this huge bottle of Grey Goose for Christmas so I wanted to be able to use it for at least one alla vodka dish. The rest I’m happy to make with the cheap stuff. On the other hand I’m happy to use the rest of my Goose with a splash of cran!



Manana’s Mexican Food

So I’m going to try something new and include exterior shots of some of these places I go to. This was my breakfast burrito this morning. Bacon, egg and cheese enveloped in a warm, fresh flour tortilla. It’s a burrito so I’ll go ahead and include the (gross) bite shot.




Meatball sandwiches

Last minute light meal tonight. Used some small French rolls and frozen Costco meatballs warmed up in leftover jarred sauce. Built sandwiches then crowned them with a daub of Italian five cheese blend, then under the salamander for a few minutes. I don’t really have a true salamander but it sounds cooler than “toaster oven broiler”.



Sand Crab Tavern

First time to this little place located in north San Diego, situated in the middle of an industrial park. Here is the fried fish, shrimp and scallops. All was very good. Especially the clam chowder, although not pictured. Can’t wait to go back and try the tavern part.



Met up with some family in town this weekend at Stacked in Fashion Valley. This is similar to what I got last time that was jambalaya oriented. This time my Mac was stacked with bacon, blackened chicken, red onions and blue cheese. Also shown here is our favorite appetizer, cheese fries with garlic aioli. Almost an hour away from home but worth it. Maybe because there is also a Lego store and Sur la Table in this mall. Next time I’ll be back to my usual burger, the Stack n Bleu.




For dinner tonight. I can’t wait. Making delicious chicken quesadillas. I love working with queso Oaxaca. It has such a distinct rich and nutty flavor with excellent meltability.


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