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Asiago chicken ranch club, or something like that. Made with the spicy fried patty. A satisfying chicken sandwich.


Joe’s Crab Shack

This is on their specials menu, it is called Third Coast Platter. Not certain why, but it was really good. It consisted of blackened redfish topped with their Orleans sauce, Joe’s stuffers (clam things) and southern stuffed shrimp. The Orleans sauce had chunks of shrimp and crawfish tails in it. Can’t wait to have this again!



Don José Mexican Restaurant

This is in Huntington Beach and it’s a sister restaurant to the Don Jose I go to in Lake Elsinore. Same menu, same food, same everything. I got the 6a which is a tamale and cheese enchilada, just like I order in Elsinore. The only reason I would rate this Don Jose higher is because the rice wasn’t teeming with peas and carrots.


Hotel Breakfast

At Embassy Suites LAX South this morning. Ham & cheese omelette, hash browns and bacon.


Subway “Footlong”

Here’s the Spicy Italian. Only 5 bucks this month. (Of course they do this during the shortest month of the year). I don’t care if my bread is 12″, 10″, or 9″! As long as I get 12″ worth of meat, cheese and mayonnaise!


Blue Burger

So I’m a couple of days late on this one. This was last Saturday night at the Par Lounge. Burger with blue cheese, bacon and whatnot. They have recently changed their buns and presentation style. I preferred the brioche bun they used to use, but it’s still all good…


A Cracker Barrel weekend

Back from Yuma, we visited CB for dinner last night and breakfast this morning. Shown here is the Cracker Barrel Sampler which includes chicken & dumplins, meatloaf and country ham. Breakfast this morning is what the call the Old Timers Breakfast.




Julian Coffee House

On our way to Yuma. This is the small mountain town of Julian, CA. Still snow on the roof. We ordered some type of pastry and when asked what’s inside they replied “walnuts”. I was shocked and appalled to discover raisins as well. Wish they would have mentioned that.



Casa Reveles

Chile relleno and (mediocre) tamale at Casa Reveles in Ramona tonight. The relleno was just average as far as they go. I’ve had better. I’ve had worse. This was a standard eggy batter, filled with some white cheese and topped with a traditional pepper & onion sauce. This place is probably Ramona’s only sit down Mexican restaurant. The only other one (Mariscos mar de Cortez) is more of a taco shop disguised as a sit down restaurant. Sometimes I would rather just go down the hill to a nice Mexican restaurant in Santee or El Cajon.


Oaks Grille Brunch

Always excellent Eggs Benedict at the country club down the street. It was even better because we used a gift certificate we won last Sunday at the Par Lounge during Super Bowl. Brunch specials at the Oaks Grille include two complimentary glasses of champagne, so good thing it’s a lazy Saturday and I’m not driving. For the first time however one of my wife’s eggs had loose whites. This is definitely not the norm though. Looking forward to our next visit.


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