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Manana’s Mexican Food

Best breakfast burrito in town. Ramona anyway. Glad they are now serving chips to go with their great salsa bar. I know you can’t tell from the outside, but it’s bacon, egg and cheese.


Lucky Chinese Food

I don’t know if I was lucky or not. I don’t even remember what all I got. I know there was orange chicken (light orange). The chow mein noodles were thicker than I prefer. I posted the pic on Facebook and a friend asked if this was a before or after shot. ‘Bout sums it up.


Claim Jumper

Barbecue Chicken Pizza at the CJ. Shared this with my brother and it was easily consumed. For being a thick pan style pizza, the crust was light and easy to eat.


Nuevo Grill

Last week we went here and I got the Chicken Enchiladas Verde. One of my favorite dishes.


Par Lounge

This was a pizza I got a couple weeks ago at the Par Lounge. Small but tasty. Tonight had their $5 burger special and wasn’t impressed. Seemed like a snack bar burger at best. Didn’t even take a picture. Anyway, here’s something I did like.



Here is another rendition of tamale and enchilada. This place is about in the middle. I’ve had better. I’ve had worse. My wife appreciated the small plate of refried beans that accompanied the chips basket. I of course could care less.


Phil’s BBQ

Had Phil’s pulled pork sandwich again. This time with Mac salad only and no fries. Much better this way. I eat about half the meat with a fork before I can even begin to pick this sandwich up! Still need a shower when I’m done.


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