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Seasons Fresh Buffet

At the Barona Resort & Casino. My favorite station is the Mongolian Grill. This is actually pretty close to home, so I don’t know why we don’t go more often. Oh I know! It’s $26 per person, regardless of age. So my eight-year-old son who only eats half a plate… well $26. Decent food for a buffet, but a really poor value…


El Mariachi

This is a nice Mexican restaurant in San Clemente I sometimes visit when driving back from up north. The atmosphere is better than the food at this place. Here is my traditional enchilada and tamale.


Hotel breakfast

At the Embassy Suites LAX South in El Segundo. Ham & cheese omelet, hashbrowns and bacon.


The Shack

Funky little place in Playa del Rey. Their signature burger with a grilled Louisiana hot link sausage.


1440 Bistro

This is the little restaurant/bar inside the Embassy Suites LAX South in El Segundo. Shown here is the braised beef quesadilla from their appetizer menu. It wound up tasting much better than I was expecting. Lots of big tender chunks of braised beef. I’ll be getting this again next time I’m up.



Normally the McDouble is a tasty little sandwich and a good value at $1.19. Why pay over $4 for a Big Mac? Well today I should have. Or at least went to a different McD’s. this McDouble tasted like it was made about 4 hours prior and not even wrapped up. Dried out bun and everything. They couldn’t even assemble the burger in the proper fashion.


Panda Express

My favorite combination. Peppercorn shrimp with asparagus, orange chicken and chow mein.


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