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Cracker Barrel Redux

My favorite – the Old Timers Breakfast. I order it every time. Eggs, smoked sausage patties, grits, hashbrown casserole, hot biscuits & gravy. The hashbrown casserole always tastes best in the morning with breakfast. When I have it with dinner, you can tell it’s leftover from the breakfast batch. I still order it anyway… With a breakfast like this, you won’t need lunch.


Shanghai Restaurant

A nice little strip mall sit down Chinese restaurant in Midlothian, VA. During lunch they offer a buffet. I never met a buffet I didn’t like. Some are definitely a lot better than others, but I like them all nonetheless. This buffet is pretty small, but the quality is there. I would go back if I lived in Virginia, but I don’t.


Cracker Barrel

In Midlothian, VA. One of my usuals, the fried catfish platter. I always get the hashbrown casserole and mac & cheese with fried okra. I should have repositioned the one filet hanging over the edge. I’m usually a stickler for composition. Not sure why I missed it, other than I was ready to dig in!


Claim Jumper

From the happy hour appetizer menu – pork mini street tacos. Good flavors and easy to eat for a taco. Also a good value as far as CJ goes.


Olive Garden

Here is their Chicken Scampi. Chicken breast tenderloins sautéed with bell peppers, roasted garlic and onions in a garlic cream sauce over angel hair pasta. Not my favorite at OG, but a good top 5 dish. One of those meals that you tire of eating about half way through.


On the Border

One of my favorites at OTB, the Flautas. I did notice though that they’re using corn tortillas now, which is not traditional flauta. While tasty, I do prefer the flour. Or call them taquitos.


Albert’s (again)

Still no O. This time one of their signature burritos. They call this the surf & turf. Filled with carne asada and shrimp goodness. It is truly a meal to behold. Sorry, no bite shot. I know… All burritos look the same from the outside.


Fish & Chips

From the Par Lounge down the street. Actually it’s from the Oaks Grill kitchen, but eaten in the Par Lounge. That must have made it taste better. Maybe it was the happy hour drafts helping…


Albert’s Taco Shop

That’s right, Albert’s. No ‘O’… This is a small chain of about four taco shops here in San Diego that I tried recently. Here is their “Big” Rolled Tacos. Truly a stand out of area taco shops.


Carl’s Jr.

In a moment of desperation I got my favorite Carl’s sandwich, a Western Bacon Cheeseburger. Either Carl’s Jr. has gone downhill or this was a particularly bad night for this location. It was just awful.


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