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Lumpia House

This is a small Filipino restaurant in Poway I’ve been wanting to try for sometime. True to its name, the lumpia was excellent. The pancit was just ho hum.


Mamma Rosa Restaurant

This is a humble Italian restaurant here in Ramona. About the only thing they do good is pizza. Haven’t been there in awhile, so I decided to try an antipasto salad to go with the pie. I love all the meats and cheeses, but there were too many large pickled objects in the mix for my taste.



Long John Silver’s

A few days ago I had jury duty and was released after a half day. I like LJS every now and then and there was one close by. I honestly don’t know how much longer they’ll stay in business. It was the peak of lunch hour and there were only two other people there. Furthermore, I was the only one under 75. Anyway, here is a fish/shrimp/chicken combo thing. Everything was really tasty, but I particularly enjoy their chicken planks.


Oaks Grill

I know I’ve posted this dish before, but it’s one of my favorites and this pic turned out great. The Oaks Grill is a restaurant connected with the country club and HOA where we live. A lot of their stuff is hit and miss, but the eggs Benedict is always excellent. The complimentary champagne doesn’t hurt either.


Company Pub and Kitchen

Neat little restaurant in Poway that we’ve been to a few times. This is their Quack Mac n Cheese. Duck and bacon sausage atop baked elbow macaroni with Gouda, cheddar and shaved Parmesan. Probably one of the best kicked up gourmet mac n cheeses I’ve had.


Super China Buffet

This place was quite a contrast from the last Chinese buffet I visited recently in Virginia. That one was very small, but all high quality. This one was just awesome in scope, with row after row of steam tables and chafing dishes. Quality was somewhat less, but still pretty decent considering all the choices. They even had frog legs! Sorry, didn’t get a pic of those. Probably a good thing my wife doesn’t like Chinese food, otherwise I’d be eating here way too much.



Airport Popeye’s

Breakfast last month flying home from Richmond. Had a few hours in the Atlanta airport and decided a chicken biscuit sounded good. Now, we have Popeye’s in SoCal so it wasn’t anything special. I would have preferred a country ham biscuit from BoJangles, but that would have meant flying through Charlotte. Believe me, I thought about that when making the air reservations, but flight schedule ultimately won out.


Happy Independence Day


Country Style Donuts

This is a quaint little donut shop nestled in the sleepy hamlet of Sandston, VA. Just down the road from the Richmond airport. They didn’t have any French creullers here, my favorite donut, so I settled for a cake chocolate. Hard to tell from the pics, but the donuts are huge, fresh and delicious.




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