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Mariscos Mar de Cortez

So we tried this place after some hits & misses. Mostly misses. Anyway, this is the place I characterized before as a taco shop disguised as a sit down restaurant, replete with tacky banners outside reminding people it’s dinner time. This time I ordered chicken enchiladas suizas. I’m fond of tomatillo sauce so this is something I order regularly at Mexican restaurants. I was shocked and appalled to find the enchiladas filled with canned chicken. The texture and flavor left me wondering if I had actually ordered a tuna fish sandwich by mistake.



Dragon Chinese Cuisine

This is a small place in a strip mall that I tried recently. Setup is very similar to a Panda Express with all the steam tables, chafing dishes and what-not. I think I found the secret to these types of places. House special what ever. I got the House Special Chow Mein and it was made to order fresh! Full of beef, chicken, pork and shrimp. I’ll be back to try the fried rice version for sure.



Domino’s Pizza

More tasty than Caesar’s Hot & Ready, but $3 more. I enjoy placing the order online and watching the cooking status in real time while my wife goes to pick it up.



Sage Cafe

To my email followers,

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Here’s the post on Sage Cafe.

Sage Cafe

This is another of the many eateries found at the Barona Resort & Casino just down the road from us. Up until now we had always gone to the buffet. We heard good chatter on Facebook about Sage so we tried it. We’re also tired of the $26 price tag on their buffet – including kids! Sage was good and we’ll definitely go back. I ordered the country fried steak which was served with green beans and mashed potatos. I would have preferred asparagus or even broccoli over the beans though. The most memorable part was the albondigas soup. Just excellent. The wedge salad was fairly institutional. The soup and entree made me feel like I was at a nice restaurant. The salad made me feel like I was on a cheap cruise ship.




El Maguey revisited

For my revisit here I ordered my usual Mexican dish that I judge all Mexican restaurants by. Cheese enchilada and tamale combo. I must say I was shocked by the hideous presentation. It didn’t taste bad, but it sure didnt look good. For my personal FB post at the time I just put up a pic of their chips & salsa. Of course on my food blog I show the good and bad for documentary purposes.


P. F. Chang’s China Bistro

Here is their combo fried rice. It’s like any other house special type fried rice. Beef, pork, chicken and shrimp tossed in a savory soy sauce with egg, julienne carrots, bean sprouts and scallions. It was good, but I actually prefer the fried rice at their junior restaurant called Pei Wei.


Thai Time

This is a new place in Ramona called Thai Time. I’ve been branching out from Chinese food as of late and have become fond of Pad Thai. This place does it just great! Fast, friendly service and good food. Probably one of the best presentations of Pad Thai I’ve had. This one with shrimp. I usually try to “when in Rome” with my beer selection. This Thai beer called Singha was pretty tasty. Looking forward to trying one of their duck dishes next time.




Los Amigos

This little taco shop is the closest Mexican food I have to home without driving 15 minutes into town. As you can see you’re greeted by a welcoming storefront. Once inside its cash only and the bathrooms are always out of order. After all that, they have some pretty decent food and a good salsa bar. Here’s an order of four street mini tacos. I think some were pork and others al pastor. It would have been perfect with a dollop of guacamole. I don’t know why they couldn’t spare some creamy green goodness. Instead, way too much cilantro.



Mimi’s Cafe

Had lunch at Mimi’s and it was decent as usual. Club sandwich and Caesar salad. I always enjoy their Caesar salads for some reason. Maybe it’s the chilled plate. I always appreciate that.



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