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On the Border

Here we are again, my wife and I, for lunch. This time sharing the appetizer platter. Often times the “appetizer platter” at a restaurant has something I just don’t care for. Not here! One of my favorite platters, this one has carne asada nachos, flautas, and a chicken quesadilla. Sometimes I just order this for dinner for myself. I do have to say no beans on the nachos, other than that it’s perfect.



Here is one of my favorite Starbucks pastries, the chocolate croissant. Order it warmed up and it’s just excellent, but eat it right away though.



For a limited time only, Wendy gave us her Flatbread Grilled Chicken. I wish she would have kept it to herself. It had grilled chicken with mixed greens, etc., inside a rolled oat and flaxseed flatbread. I ordered mine with the asiago ranch sauce. The extra 160 calories didn’t seem to make a difference. I don’t know what made me think this would be a good thing to try. At least the bacon was good, as it always is at Wendy’s.



On the Border

Enjoyed a nice appetizer lunch with my wife in the bar. Here is pork mini tacos and chicken flautas. All super good!


Mi Casa Reveles

This is one of several Mexican restaurants in town, and probably our favorite, although there is a distinct musty smell when you first walk in. Maybe because the building is so old, I don’t know. The food isn’t spectacular but the great service makes up for it. Shown here is a beef flautas lunch special. Flautas are really good. It’s basically a big rolled taco made with flour instead of corn tortillas. I’m always taken aback by their attractive, yet somewhat tacky display of beer bottles when you first enter. And it was a nice touch having my Negra Modelo delivered in an ice bucket!







I think I’ve posted this before, but this has got to be the best food item Starbucks sells. The sausage breakfast sandwich, enveloped in a crispy English muffin and cheddar cheese with an acceptably tasty egg disc. One of my regular go-to’s. Better than the artisan breakfast sandwiches. The sausage patty seems to translate better to the institutional setting than their bacon or ham.


Dragon Chinese Cuisine

And so I’m back to try the House Special Fried Rice. I’ve been on a “house special” kick lately in case you couldn’t tell. The fried rice at Dragon is every bit as good as their chow mein. Made to order, affordable, and a meal that sticks with you. The bean sprouts were a nice touch.


Phil’s BBQ

They call this the Broham…not sure why. I call it a pulled pork sandwich. Coupled with some of the best mac salad you’ll find.



This is Zacatecas Family Restaurant in Hawthorne, CA. It’s in a really old building in a neighborhood I wouldn’t visit after dark. Once again I ordered my usual tamale and enchilada. I was immediately taken by the bright intense colors when it came out. Overall it was nothing to write home about, but it was interesting to visit this dive of a Mexican restaurant. And I mean that in a good way.



Embassy Suites redux

Quick shot of breakfast here. Sometimes I don’t have time for the made to order fare so I go to the chafing dishes. The eggs are always institutional and I see it come from a huge bag. I eat them anyway. I’ve also switched from bacon to sausage recently too.



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