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Two years!

Food Observations was born two years ago today and I enjoy sharing now more than ever. Thanks for all the follows and likes. Here’s a lonely muffin from a recent stay at Embassy Suites. I originally had no plans to post this one, but the color of the plate keeps jumping out at me.


Rock & Brews

This is an open air honky tonk in downtown El Segundo with a good beer selection and decent food stuffs. Kind of awkward for a first timer, with lots of long tables in a seat yourself environment. I probably won’t rush back anytime soon, but this is probably the best pizza pic I’ve captured to date.



Merry Christmas

Nice dinner tonight with a bunch of family at Olive Garden. Here’s their Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo, one of my favorites. A very Merry Christmas to all, see you in a few days.



My favorite sammich, the Spicy Italian. Made with lettuce, onion, green pepper, and banana peppers. Dressed with mayonnaise, mustard, oil, vinegar, salt & pepper.


Brabant Potatoes

This accompanied a wonderful steak dish. I was so impressed with the potatoes that I am featuring them exclusively. I make this from time to time and adjust the technique to further refine the outcome. Here I blanched the cubed potatoes for about four minutes, then drained and sautéed in an oiled iron skillet. Toward the end of the cooking process I added a substantial nub of my wife’s compound butter and some fresh minced garlic. Crispy to the tooth on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside.


El Adobe de Capistrano

This is a really old mexican restaurant located in San Juan Capistrano. The site has been designated a California State Historical Landmark. I ordered the President’s Choice. It was President Nixon’s favorite served on countless occasions at El Adobe and the Western White House. It’s a chile relleno, chicken enchilada and shredded beef taco.



Sage Cafe

Again we went to this neat little restaurant with a great view at the Barona Casino. This time my wife and I both had the Eggs Benedict, our favorite breakfast/brunch dish. Unfortunately the eggs were undercooked, which is often a problem when poaching (by an inexperienced cook). It had runny whites, which is just unacceptable. After sending them back, the return show was much better.



Digiorno Pizza

It’s not delivery, it’s…well you know the rest of the story. Here is their 3-meat delight with sausage, pepperoni and beef topping, whatever that means.


Claim Jumper

One of my favorite meals at CJ is their Ultimate Fish and Shrimp. It’s fish two ways and shrimp two ways. Also a trip to the produce bar doesn’t hurt…




Boll Weevil

Last night for dinner we went to Boll Weevil for the best deal in town. All you can eat fish fry for only $7.99. With coupon it’s only $5.99! Hard to believe, I know. And you can tell it’s good quality fish, not processed institutional patties. Includes a salad, oddly served in a wooden bowl. This must be the last restaurant in America to still use wooden bowls. The funny thing is their fish fry is on Thursday nights. Makes me wonder if they have a Monday taco special…




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