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This place has been a San Diego institution since the 1940’s. Not necessarily this location, but back in the day there were a number of them throughout the county, I think the original being Casa di Baffi in Hillcrest. Here is their spaghetti with one Italian sausage and one meatball. The pizza is just excellent with a thin crust and all. I’ll get a pic of that next time.



Dudley’s Bakery

This bakery is a San Diego institution, celebrating their 50th anniversary. Dudley’s is nestled in the sleepy hamlet of Santa Ysabel, which is between Ramona and Julian. It’s a favorite spot for folks to stop when passing through. They are most revered for their baked goods, breads and what not. They also have a deli with custom made sammiches. Here’s a ham & Swiss on sourdough with lettuce and onions.



El Michoacan Mexican Food

Second time we’ve been to this place. Definitely an experience with the elementary school furniture and all. Best part was the roaring fire on a cold winter night. Here’s a combo with taco, enchilada, tamale, etc.




Guacamole Bacon Burgers

This was a satisfying and tasty homemade meal. Made some burgers topped with salsa verde, bacon, and my wife’s homemade guac. All rounded out with golden butter toasted buns. I love my mayonnaise, but with this green gold, the white stuff was unnecessary. I’m going to try this again, maybe with a Mexican torta roll and queso Oaxaca.



I just realized I didn’t post this pic back in November. Here is the crawfish tackle box with fries and a hot biscuit. This is a seasonal offering at Popeye’s so I suspect it’s off the menu by now. Too bad, because it’s so good!



The Artisan Breakfast Sandwich at Starbucks comes with either ham or bacon. I always prefer the ham because the bacon looks so limp and sad. Either way, both pale in comparison to my favorite Starbucks breakfast sammich, the sausage, egg & cheese on English muffin.


Par Lounge

Back to the Par Lounge at the San Vicente Resort down the street. They really do have good pies. Here’s a small sausage and pepperoni. Perfect size for one. The crust is excellent, although a bit on the thick side for my tastes. Next time I’m planning to try the BBQ Chicken pizza.


Lake Cuyamaca Restaurant

We went to this place while camping last year and it was very much under German influence at the time. They have since sold out and a new owner has made it a lot more fancy. The menu anyway… We lucked out and arrived on an all-you-can-eat fish fry night.



Claim Jumper

Here’s CJs salmon, served with rice and assorted random grilled vegetables. Honestly, as much as I like Claim Jumper, I think Outback does a better job on salmon. This seemed a bit over cooked and dry. Good nonetheless, I think I’ll be back to my usual club sammich or BBQ shrimps next time.


Manana’s Mexican Food

Split a breakfast burrito with my wife here. As you know, burrito shots are dull unless you get a nice cross section. Today, I focused on the chips and their excellent salsa.


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