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On the Border

This is my new favorite at OTB! Brisket Quesadilla on the appetizer menu. Made with generous amounts of tender shredded brisket, sautéed onions, jalapeños and mixed cheeses. Sides include sour cream, guac, pico de gallo and a jalapeño BBQ sauce which is just excellent. OTB is probably the only place that satisfies me with their appetizer dishes. Mainly because they are hearty and I don’t really care for their rice full of corn…




One of the newer breakfast sammiches at Starbucks is now my favorite. All the best ingredients I dearly adore. Ham, Swiss cheese and egg nestled in a warm bun shaped croissant. It tasted as good as it looks… From the side it almost looks like a hamburger bun, but when you see the crown it’s really impressive. I’ve eaten breakfast sammiches on traditional croissants and they tend to split and fall apart. This held together nicely…




Rubio’s labels themselves as a fresh Mexican grill. The signature fish tacos are inspired by their founder, Ralph Rubio, back in the early ’80s. They have a number of locations throughout the southwest US. Here is a fish taco, and shrimp burrito. Probably one of the only fast food places that serves on real plates. Kids meals all come with a churro which is a plus! They have a generous and well stocked salsa bar. Their verde is some of the best I’ve had and perfectly compliments seafood.




Molly Malone’s

This is a big time dive sports bar here in Ramona, a favorite of the locals. What they lack in atmosphere is definitely made up for in great food. Here is their bacon & blue burger on a thick juicy hand-formed patty. Served with their signature beer battered fries. It was excellent and a sight to behold!


Homemade Tilapia

Tilapia seems all the rage these days so I picked up a pillow case size bag of these frozen fishes from Southeast Asia at my local grocer. Just did a quick dredge in some liberally seasoned flour and fried in the skillet for about 4 minutes per side. I liked it, but my wife is not a big seafood fan so it’s unlikely I’ll be getting more.


Pizza Nova

Thin crust, wood fired sausage and onion pizza. Ate the whole thing! This was their Harbor Dr location down the road from the San Diego airport. Pie was excellent and a perfect setting on the water…



On the Border

This is one of their new enchilada platters called La Bandera. I have no idea why, but it was good. It has a carnitas enchilada with green chile sauce, chicken tinga enchilada with sour cream sauce, and a barbacoa enchilada with ranchero sauce. I’m still struggling with what exactly a chicken tinga is. I have no idea. Maybe people just like to say “tinga”…


Kountry Kitchen

This was a hot biscuits & gravy feast catered to one of our men’s breakfasts at church recently. KK is a greasy spoon favorite among the locals here in Ramona. I think it would have tasted better on a real plate though…


Happy Mothers Day

Homemade BBQ chicken pizza. Next time I plan to slice the onions thinner. Otherwise excellent.


Olive Garden

This is the Chicken & Shrimp Carbonara. I’m a big carbonara fan, but OG isn’t really the best in this department. I think the reason I order it frequently is that it’s made with bucatini pasta. It’s sort of a really fat spaghetti. Something about the mouth feel keeps bringing me back.


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