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When I don’t feel like a hot sammich, my go-to pastry is the cheese Danish. Probably a bit more institutional tasting than a hometown bakery, but tasty nonetheless.



Went old school and got the classic Big Mac. Makes me want to sing that song but I forget how it goes. Something about special sauce I think. Anyway, the cheese seemed unusually orange today…


Samurai Sam’s

Sadly there are no more Sam’s in San Diego. So when I travel to destinations north (Manhattan Beach) I always stop by to stock up on our favorite teriyaki sauce. I’ve not been successful in finding an online purveyor of this goodness. Next step will be to learn how to make it ourselves from scratch. That sounds like more fun…


Jack in the Box

Leaving San Diego north on I-5, first town in OC is San Clemente. This is a JIB I’ve stopped at for breakfast many times when heading north. Convenient on and off the freeway, plus one of my favorite breakfast sammiches. I always get the croissant with egg, ham, bacon & cheese. Disappointing this time though, it was near stone cold!



Miguel’s Cocina

I’ve done a few posts on Miguel’s over the years. They are part of a semi-fancy chain called The Brigantine here in SoCal. These are the Enchiladas Rancheras. Spicy ground beef with onions & cheese, smothered with a rich tomato ranchero sauce, sour cream and avocado. One of my favorites. I usually go between this and the shrimp enchiladas.


Claim Jumper

Whenever we go to CJ and it’s outside of happy hour, this is my go-to dish. Ultimate Fish & Shrimp! It’s kind of two dishes in one. Blackened tilapia with grilled shrimp and rice pilaf, along side fish & chips with some fried shrimps thrown in. It’s a masterful combination that keeps me satiated for more than a day. Anytime I see the term “ultimate” or “platter” on a menu, it’s instantly a hit with me…


Happy Father’s Day

Here’s a La Cocina redux. For breakfast had a Carne Adobada burrito. Made simply with carne, onions and cilantro. Carne Adobada means marinated meat, whereas Carne Asada means grilled meat. It was definitely tasty. And instead of lime, it’s served with lemon wedges. Different and really good.



La Cocina

Hailed as one of the best taco shops in Ramona, La Cocina does not disappoint. This was breakfast time, so I had my favorite machaca plate. Served with soft and supple warm flour tortillas, fresh guacamole and whatnot. All orders are served with chips and three tasty salsas in a shallow segmented dish. The dining room is homey and comfortable with a bathroom that is spacious, and clean. I consider this place a taco shop because the menu is on the wall and the food is served on foam plates.




Par Lounge

Back from camping last weekend we went to one of our easy and close by spots. Still not too hot for dining on the patio. Perfect time of year when you time it right and can get some shade. Here’s a sausage and pepperoni pizza…


Up the Hill Grill

This is the newest restaurant to open in our small town. It’s attached to Molly Malone’s that I posted on a few weeks ago. This is their front of the house sit down restaurant specializing in unique sammiches, burgers, etc… This is the Bulldog. It’s roast beef with jalapeños in melted swiss on grilled sourdough with lettuce, tomato, red onion, sprouts, avocado and bacon. It was really tricky to eat without it all falling apart. Still made a mess but it was worth it. Really interesting and good flavor combinations going on here.



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