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Los Amigos

We stayed close to home for this weeks carne asada burrito and went to Los Amigos. For $5.99 it’s made with carne; tomato; onion; and everyone’s favorite – – – lettuce and “creamy” guacamole.
I’ve eaten here for years and this is the first time I tried their carne asada burrito. It seemed I wasn’t missing much. I’ve always loved their carnitas burritos, flautas and whatnot… Best part of this one was the tortilla. My wife raved how good the tort was. The carne was well seasoned, although exceptionally mealy in texture. I’m not afraid of lettuce in burritos, so that didn’t bother me.
Really great thing is they are very nice folks and serve up a big plate of chips while you wait. Also some of the best salsa I’ve had at an up the hill taco shop…





This carne asada burrito in our challenge series was from Rubio’s. I know they are a chain, but it’s still a taco shop and it’s on the menu. This one was probably best characterized by the term “most”. It was the most expensive, most small, most freshest tasting ingredients, and most likely not to order again. Highlight here was the Stone IPA.


Nuevo Grill & Cantina

One of our favorite enchilada spots in town… On the surface this looks like their chicken enchiladas which I dearly adore. Love the verde sauce, cheese and red onions on top. Hard to tell from the outside, but these were actually shrimp enchiladas. Not on the menu but available upon special request. The shrimp was not abundant for the tortilla size, but still tasty. I’d also recommend less or no cheese on top.
They have also recently began offering 25oz frosty mug drafts. Definitely my new favorite. Paired with the best chips & salsa in town, it’s hard to beat.





The snack bar at Costco is a very popular place at lunch time. Especially when all the samples inside are bad. One of my favorites is a simple slice of pepperoni pizza. Usually a good pizza has a nice sheen of grease on top, at Costco it’s a pool of grease. Always need to grab extra napkins for blotting.


La Cocina

The next taco shop in our series was a local favorite called La Cocina. It’s actually more of a hybrid sit down place. You order at the counter, etc., but everything else from there is table service. Despite the food being served on foam plates. This place has good food overall, but they were not high on our carne asada burrito rankings. Also had carne asada nachos which were decent…



Oaks Grille

Probably the best sandwich I’ve had from the OG kitchen – the Torpedo. Sadly it’s no longer on the menu. It’s made with generous amounts of shaved ham, prosciutto, salami, red onion, tomato, lettuce, provolone cheese, and herb vinaigrette, toasted on a French roll. It was hot throughout and very satisfying. Everything was sliced thick and you could taste all the ingredients, even the cheese. They also have some tasty fries when served hot.


Loews Coronado Bay Resort

Forgot to post this one from a couple months ago. While camping at Silver Strand State Beach we went across the isthmus for a snack at this beautiful resort. Here’s a set of beef barbacoa tacos.



Mi Ranchito

Our next carne asada burrito in the Ramona series was from Mi Ranchito Taco Shop. I’ve noticed a lot of lettuce detractors when it comes to burritos. I actually don’t mind and think it adds a texture and dimension that’s otherwise lacking. The other twist here is the guacamole. It’s what I liken to green mayonnaise. Not the traditional chunky fresh avocado guac, but still tasty. The tortilla was exceptionally supple which I appreciate.



Olive Garden

OG has a great new seafood dish called Pappardelle Pescatore. Made with sautéed shrimp, scallops, clams, and asparagus. It’s all tossed with pappardelle pasta in a creamy red pepper seafood sauce. Pretty steep at $18.79, but I would order it again. Very satisfying and different.


Salsa Mexican Food

Recently my wife and I embarked on a local hometown challenge to compare all the taco shop carne asada burritos here in Ramona. There are 8 taco shops in town and we’re putting them all to the test in an apples to apples comparison. To avoid confusion, I define a taco shop as ordering at a counter with the menu hanging over the cash register. Not talking about full-service restaurants here. We started with Salsa which was pretty decent and middle of the road. At some places we’re also splitting an order of carne asada chips/nachos.




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