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El Taco Loco

This place is quite the experience. It’s actually a little kitchen corner in our local Mexican grocery store, called Ramona Market. This is the place to go for authentic Mexican ingredients. Eating there is kind of awkward, so we got it to go and ate at home. Here’s a big fatty carne asada burrito and carne asada nachos. A ton of food for a reasonable price.




Mariscos Mar de Cortez

I recently had Chilaquiles for breakfast at Mariscos. First time trying it, what a treat. It was excellent! Fried corn tortilla pieces mixed with shredded chicken & eggs, smothered with house enchilada sauce & cheese. It was such a huge serving. I was filled for the rest of the day…



Close by work is a fantastic Ralph’s grocery store that just does everything top shelf. It’s a popular lunch spot since there’s many foodstuff offerings in their fresh takeout area. One of the foods that has always beckoned me is their sushi. Since I’m starting to develop a slow fondness for sushi, I elected to give it a try. They have a station where this nice young girl is rolling out sushis for packaging and resale. I stayed safe and got the California rolls and enjoyed them in their front of store seating area. It was really good and tasted fresh made. I’ll be back for more.



Little Caesar’s

Another $5 Hot & Ready… This time is was both! I think it’s all in the timing. They may keep the pies hot, but at an expense. I think they tend to dry out if held too long. When you can get one freshly made, and eat it within a reasonable timeframe, it’s really not bad.


Oaks Grille

One of the best sammies I’ve had so far at the OG/Par Lounge is their Croissant Club. Made with shaved turkey, ham, white cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and honey French dressing. All on a flaky croissant. Generous cheese slices were a welcome touch. Not typical in most restaurant sandwiches. The fries were crispy, seasoned and somewhat thin, just how I like them.


The Cookie Cottage

This is a fairly new place in town that occupies a cute drive up kiosk type storefront. It’s run by the sweetest lady who is a master at her craft of baking. Here we sampled some chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. She’s open until she runs out, and posts daily on Facebook her offerings. They are always wide and varied, including gluten free items as well.




Breakfast Tacos

One of our go-to meals while camping are these excellent breakfast tacos. Just some warm flour tortillas with fried egg, thick bacon, shredded cheese and some hot sauce. I could eat these any time of the day. Easy, quick and tasty.


Mission Bay RV Resort

This was a quick dinner from the place they call the Snack Shack at the camping spot we recently stayed at. Humble chicken patty sammich with bacon that was fairly tasty and some crispy tater tots.


Los Rancheros Taco Shop

The next Ramona taco shop we tried on our carne asada burrito challenge was Los Rancheros. Back in the day this was actually a Rally’s. You might be able to tell from the architecture. This turned out to be our favorite carne asada burrito in town for a variety of reasons. We also had the carne chips which were tasty. The only thing is, this place has no normal seating or a dining area. It’s just outdoors concrete blocks and tables. I’m not a fan of al fresco dining, especially in windy or hot conditions. We ate this at the local micro brewery down the street. Best of both worlds!





The McChicken sandwich remains my go-to dollar menu choice. I usually order two at a time. Just a sad chicken patty dressed with some shredded lettuce and mayonnaise on a toasty bun…


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