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Mariscos Mar de Cortez

Machaca plate at Mariscos Mar de Cortez recently for breakfast. Shredded beef mixed with eggs, bell peppers and onions. Served with a side of rice, beans and hot tortillas. The beef itself was fairly bland. I’ve had some machacas that light up most of my GI tract. This one not so much. It sat fairly well. This place is turning into one of my favorite breakfast spots in Ramona!


Bass Pro Shops

On the way back from Palmdale, one of my favorite stopping spots is the Bass Pro Shops in Rancho Cucamonga off the 15. Connected to one of the finest retail outlets is a great restaurant called the Islamorada Fish Company. I always order the fried crawfish. Not something that you regularly see on an average menu so I tend to take advantage.


Mountaintop Cafe

This is a neat and rustic little place off the 138 on the way to Palmdale. I’ve driven by it countless times over the years, but never stopped. Recently I decided to try them for breakfast. Just ordered a simple two-egg meal. Good food with friendly and personable service. Oddly though, the breakfast did not include a meat choice. It was definitely missing some good pork fat in the form of bacon or sausage…



Del Taco

Del Taco breakfast in Santee the other day. Got a bacon, egg, and cheese burrito. Pretty bland and institutional tasting. I guess I’m spoiled by my favorite taco shop breakfast burritos. Their del beef burritos and chicken soft tacos are pretty tasty though…I was impressed they had baskets of their hot sauce packets at all the tables, all neatly arranged like flowers…


Lemongrass Thai Food

Recently went to Lemongrass Thai Food, the newest (and second) Thai place in our small town. I ordered my go-to Pad Thai. Stir fried Thai rice noodles, with egg, bean sprouts and green onions, topped with crushed peanuts. Your choice of protein, I got shrimp (7), $10.95. Their spice scale is 1-5. I chose 3 which was perfect for me. Not uncomfortably hot, but still made my nose run. I did not need a United Nations interpreter to communicate with the server which was nice. Had friendly and attentive service throughout. The dining room is no frills, pretty humble in fact. The taste of my Pad Thai seemed on par with Thai Time, although a somewhat less elegant presentation.I’m a big pot sticker fan so I ordered some as an appetizer. I was fairly unimpressed. Tasted like they were from the Costco freezer aisle…



Ramona Lisa Pizza

Had a Ramona Lisa pizza the other night. Been a while since I’ve had one of their pies. This is a medium (14″) called the Meat Eater. For $14.99 it’s topped with pepperoni, sausage, ham, salami & beef. These are thin pizzas that require two hands to pick up a slice. Very floppy in the middle, but really good crust. Could have used a bit more cheese. Especially as a binding agent for the sausage nodules. If you’re not careful they tend to roll right off. I lost at least two to the floor.
It’s really hot inside, so if you plan to dine in, wear your finest tank top and some short shorts. In all fairness though, it was probably due to the crankin pizza ovens.


Poway Sushi Lounge

I’ve been wanting to try this place for some time. So glad I did! So far my favorite has been this great Lobster California Roll. Made with lobster salad, cucumber and avocado. Definitely my speed. The wasabi was even beautifully presented, not just smeared in the dish. Also tried a plate of gyoza, which are essentially pot stickers. All very good!



Par Lounge

Recent dinner at Par Lounge. Had a big Chinese lunch that day so I got something light. I went out on a flimsy limb and ordered the Grilled Shrimp “Cocktail”. At $11 it’s 4 charbroiled tiger shrimp, horseradish infused mater sauce, avocado, preserved lemon, celery heart and cilantro salad. It was decent, but I was left wanting more out of it. Like more shrimp. Not something I would order again.


Iron Wok

Recently had my bi-annual trip to the wok for my favorite Kung Pao Chicken. All good made to order stuff here. I’ve been a patron for years. They’ve changed the recipe over the years to the point that I have to request no water chestnuts and celery.



Had lunch recently in Escondido at a place called Sushiya. It’s off of Auto Park Way in the Target/Toys R Us center. This is the Bulgogi Special. It’s pan fried Korean marinated beef; steamed rice; tempura fried veg & shrimp; Cali roll susie and salad with a tasty oriental dressing. Complete with a tacky umbrella decoration that made everything taste better. I think they call this whole affair a bumbo box or something. Good food, fast friendly service, and you can see the senior citizen Japanese chefs whipping stuff up… Somewhat out of my comfort zone, but managed to manipulate my chopsticks with finesse.



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