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Recently tried this thing they call a McWrap. It’s a huge tortilla wrapped around grilled or crispy fried chicken, lettuce, mater, cucumber, bacon and ranch dressing. It’s a satisfying meal, but overall not as impressive as my favorite wraps at Wendy’s.


Miguel’s Cocina

Chile Verde at Miguel’s. Not the most lean meat, but tasty. I always like the pickled onions too…


Carl’s Jr.

So, the best part of a recent Chargers game was a Carl’s Jr commercial featuring their new Texas BBQ Thickburger. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks and finally succumbed to the urge today. You can choose one of 3 sizes, I got the 1/3 lb patty. Includes cheese, smoked brisket, BBQ sauce and crispy fried jalapeño and onions. There’s a lot going on here and it all held together surprisingly well (unlike yesterday’s breakfast burrito). Still not as good as my favorite Baconator from Wendy girl, but I would order it again…



La Cocina

La Cocina “Breakfast” Burrito – $5.99. Made with egg, ham, tomato, onion, cilantro and ranchero sauce. It was tasty but looks like a hot mess. They put ranchero sauce inside which makes it difficult to hand hold. I felt like I had to take a shower when done.
It took 11 minutes for the burrito to come out – I was the only one there at the time. That didn’t bother me though because I wasn’t in a rush. Enjoyed the chips and 3-way salsa while waiting…


Eggs & Taters

We’ve been making this frequently because it’s easy and very satisfying. Start with a bed of Brabant style potatoes. These are just any potato cubed, blanched, then finished in a skillet with oil and/or butter to finish to add color and crispness. Topped with some eggs however you like. Here is an over easy. Finished with one of my favorite Mexican cheeses, queso fresco, and hot sauce.



For years now I’ve always ordered either a pizza slice or hotdog at the Costco snack bar. All this time I’ve been wooed by this thing they call the Chicken Bake. Finally tried one today for the first time and it was excellent. It’s chicken breast, cheese, bacon and Caesar dressing all tucked inside this big long dough thing then baked up crisp & hot. I don’t know how else to describe it. Only $2.99!
It’ll be awhile before you see me blotting pizza slices there again…




Oaks Grille

So, last nights dinner plans came off the rails due to a whole chicken that didn’t thaw fast enough. Turned into pizza night and my genius paid off. Decided to get an Oaks Grille big pie to go. Best part was hanging out in the Par Lounge while waiting.
For some time I’ve ordered their small individual sizes while eating in, but never got a large to go. Here’s the Combo Pizza, which is sausage and pepperoni. It was substantial and easily satisfied 4. Crust was perfect, not burnt. Ample amount of cheese, and some really good chunky Italian sausage. Not the small nodules that tend to roll off. I appreciated that it was still piping hot when I got home. Less than a five minute drive for me…


Manana’s Mexican Food

Nothing says “good morning” like a big fat chorizo burrito from Mañana’s. Now, I’ve read the ingredients on a package of chorizo once, yet I still eat it. First time trying Manana’s chorizo, it was really good. It was on the milder side, mixed with egg and cheese. Chorizo is inherently greasy and this burrito was no exception. I was only able to hold it upright until about half way down. Bright orange grease pooled on the plate and I began to fear a bottom blowout so i finished with fork & knife.


Nuevo Grill

Enjoyed a Nuevo Grill happy hour recently! Started with the Cheese Crisp appetizer. Big enough to serve 3-4. Out came a huge crispy fried flour tortilla topped with a ton of melted cheese and green onions. It was excellent. Also had the happy hour taquitos. Only $2.95! Three stubby, but fatty hand rolled tacos filled with their excellent carne asada steak. Really good! “Stubby Chubbies” I call them…



Love Boat Sushi

Had lunch recently at Love Boat Sushi in Rancho Bernardo. (No, I did not see Captain Stubing there). First time trying a spicy tuna roll. I was not a fan. Not sure if it’s how they make it, or just not for me. I’m still a Susie noob. Rest of the plate is teriyaki salmon, some sort of oriental slaw/salad, and steamed rice adorned with a fried tempura leaf of some sort. Very odd!


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