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Manana’s Mexican Food

Our final taco shop carne asada burrito was recenty eaten at Manana’s Mexican Food. Definitely ranked in the top half, would order there again. For $5.49 it’s the standard build: tortilla, carne, pico and guac. Tort was neither supple nor dry, pretty middle of the road. Well distributed and proportioned ingredients. Carne did not seem freshly cooked though. We also had a plate of carne asada nachos which are some of the best in town.
The atmosphere at Manana’s is reminiscent of a Del Taco. I think that’s because it was one back in the day. There are a couple flat screen TVs on the walls tuned to random channels. All eat-in orders come with a big plate of chips while you wait. There is a great salsa bar with about 4 or 5 salsas, all good, even hot carrots. Some dishes are even served on real plates.




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One thought on “Manana’s Mexican Food

  1. Love Mexican food, looks so yummy!!! 🙂

    Best wishes,

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