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I’m going to round out 2014 with one of my favorite breakfast sammiches, the McGriddle! Outside of a hot biscuit that is. It’s the perfect combination of a savory sausage patty and hand held hotcakes with built in syrup nodules. Whoever architected this masterpiece deserves high recognition!



My wife and I recently began a new review series on restaurant hamburgers in Ramona. Our inaugural burger for the new series was eaten at D’Carlos. First, the remodel is really nice. Layout seems the same, but feels much newer and cleaner inside. Lighting was on the dim side. Place was really cool on a hot day with A/C cranking and ceiling fans providing a nice breeze. I was almost worried it would make my food cold.
Their burger selections are simple and straight forward, with 7 to choose from. Side choices include fries, tater salad, or fruit. I ordered the Avocado Bacon Cheeseburger for $10.50. Made with all the above and burger-set on the side. Note that the default cheese here is American. I requested cheddar and they obliged. Beef patty was grilled, cooked well done (I was not asked for doneness preference), and seasoned well. Also had a slight smokey flavor. Avocado was really good and fresh, bacon was just decent.
The bun was fairly institutional, plain white, with sesame seeds, and toasted. The bun did not seem to be the freshest, and I experienced slight cracking while handling.
The fries were thick, hot, and dry (not greasy). Dry to the point that salt did not want to stick. It needed salt because there was no discernible seasoning on the fries from the kitchen.
Had a nice visit overall and service was friendly, quick, and patient!




Jack in the Box

One of my fave fast food, cheap, fatty lunches are the tacos and egg rolls at JIB. Surprisingly, Jack has some really tasty and crispy egg rolls! I’ve had worse at some seedy Chinese buffets in the day…


Outback Steakhouse

We visited Outback Steakhouse in El Cajon a couple weeks ago. Was very pleased to see a new menu special, Steak and Unlimited Shrimp. Your choice of filet or sirloin and crispy (fried) shrimp or garlic butter shrimp. It was really good. Always hard to get a good pic at Outback with their oblong plates and dim lighting…




Albert’s Mexican Food

Had lunch recently in La Mesa at Albert’s (no O). This is a small chain of really good taco shops down the hill. I think there’s 4 or 5. They claim to be the home of the big rolled taco. Here’s an order of 3 with guac & cheese. You can choose from shredded beef, ground beef or chicken. They are pretty fatty, with very good guac coverage. Highly recommended.



Brett’s BBQ

Quick one tonight… Excellent BBQ beef brisket sammich from Brett’s in 4S Ranch 😊


Pizza Studio

Finally tried Pizza Studio in Poway recently. What a great place! For only $7.99 you get an 11″ pie with unlimited toppings. Ordering is reminiscent of a Subway or Chipotle. You start by selecting your dough preference, then get shuffled down the line to the sauce and cheese girl, then down to the veggie & meat guy. Finally into the oven while you pay, get your drink and find a seat. Only a couple minutes later this beauty comes to your table. The crust is so perfectly thin I could have easily eaten the whole thing. I shared with my 9 year old son and it was perfect.




Pei Wei Asian Diner

Spicy Kung Pao Chicken at Pei Wei. It’s very good with big meaty chunks of chicken. Just a little too heavy on the carrots for my taste…


BBQ Tri Tip

I’ve been experimenting with my Tri tip cooking techniques. The majority of the cook is always indirect from medium hot coals for about 40-45 minutes, depending on size of roast. I used to sear first, a few minutes per side. Now I’m starting slow and indirect, then finishing with an over the coals sear. I think I like it better this way, but both are good.


Eggs & Taters

My wife recently made a quick and easy dinner. Eggs over a bed of Brabant potatoes. Simple and satisfying. Just add some shredded cheese and salsa…


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