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My wife and I recently began a new review series on restaurant hamburgers in Ramona. Our inaugural burger for the new series was eaten at D’Carlos. First, the remodel is really nice. Layout seems the same, but feels much newer and cleaner inside. Lighting was on the dim side. Place was really cool on a hot day with A/C cranking and ceiling fans providing a nice breeze. I was almost worried it would make my food cold.
Their burger selections are simple and straight forward, with 7 to choose from. Side choices include fries, tater salad, or fruit. I ordered the Avocado Bacon Cheeseburger for $10.50. Made with all the above and burger-set on the side. Note that the default cheese here is American. I requested cheddar and they obliged. Beef patty was grilled, cooked well done (I was not asked for doneness preference), and seasoned well. Also had a slight smokey flavor. Avocado was really good and fresh, bacon was just decent.
The bun was fairly institutional, plain white, with sesame seeds, and toasted. The bun did not seem to be the freshest, and I experienced slight cracking while handling.
The fries were thick, hot, and dry (not greasy). Dry to the point that salt did not want to stick. It needed salt because there was no discernible seasoning on the fries from the kitchen.
Had a nice visit overall and service was friendly, quick, and patient!




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2 thoughts on “D’Carlos

  1. Boo for a dry bun. 😦 med rare is my preference. Good to know!

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