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Carne Asada

Grilling up the good stuff on my Weber mini kettle…



Oaks Grille

This week we went to the Oaks Grille/Par Lounge for our burger. We’ve actually been eating these burgers here for years and they have always been consistently good. Their burger menu is fairly small and simple, but highly customizable. Don’t be afraid to get creative and ask for it to be made how you like it. If it’s in the kitchen, it can be incorporated into your burger preference. Back in the day this was on the menu as “Blue Cheese Bacon”. Now you take their Oaks Burger for $9 and go from there. Adding bacon and blue cheese crumbles brought this to $11.75. Burgers come standard with leaf lettuce, red onion, tomato and pickle. Bacon was thick and crispy.
The beef patty here was impressive. Came out very thick, substantial, hot and juicy. Did not taste like a frozen patty or something institutional. The texture and mouthfeel of the beef is outstanding. Served on a toasted brioche bun which was fresh and held together very well throughout the entire eat.
I elected onion rings over fries. They’re actually both good here, but when the rings are perfect, it’s my go-to side. Try it with a side of ranch, you won’t be disappointed. Plating and presentation were spot on!
Since we’re under 70, we ate on the Par Lounge side. It’s a great, comfortable and modern atmosphere. Ryan was our server tonight and he was excellent. Nice young man with a genuine spirit who was on the ball the entire time.



I’m gonna make this quick… Don’t feel like writing a lot today. Whoever is in charge of specialty sandwiches at Wendy’s corporate needs to be fired. Today was strike two. Tried their BBQ Pulled Pork sammich – it was awful. I’ve had better airplane food. At least it was void of any black jellified substance. I guess I just need to stick with the Baconator from now on…



Los Primos Mexican Food

I ordered two beef flautas and they came out looking like fully dressed chimichangas!! Needless to say, I was happy.


Flippin’ Pizza

Another 4S lunch today, this time at Flippin’ Pizza. They’re a chain, in several states, with 5 here in San Diego. The pizza was outstanding! Probably the best tasting “by the slice” I’ve had. Here’s a 2 slice and drink lunch special for $6.50. Shown here is buffalo chicken and a three meat thing. The crust was thin and crispy. If you love pizza like I do, it’s worth a try.



Donut Touch Bakery & Cafe

There is a fantastic new donut shop in 4S Ranch called Donut Touch. It’s actually more than just a run of the mill donut shop. They also have bagels and sammiches. Shown here are my favorite French creullers and maple bars adorned with chunks of bacon! Yes, you heard that right…





Here’s a rare mid-week burger last Tuesday! We went to our local Ramona Denny’s because kids eat free on Tuesday (and Monday). Now that could be a double-edged sword, but it all worked out great. I’m surprised the place wasn’t more crowded.
They have a fair selection of specialty burgers along with a comprehensive “build your own” burger menu.
I ordered the Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger. For $9.99 it’s made with bacon, avocado, cheddar cheese and standard burger set. The beef patty was on the thick side, came out hot, tasty, but somewhat overcooked (dry). Standout here was the avocado. Ample slices of thick, fresh, ripe green gold.
For 59 cents extra I upgraded to the seasoned fries. I highly recommend this hot & tasty side. They were just like Arby curly fries, but straight.
Service was outstanding and the food came out quicker than I recall back in the day.
Overall on the burger – it was really good. Expect this one to be top 5, easy. We’re definitely coming back soon.





Panera Bread

Had lunch today at Panera Bread in 4S Ranch. I actually ordered a salad.  This is a half chicken Caesar salad for $5.99. Panera is a great place for lunch, but the salad was just ho-hum. Definitely could have used more dressing. The presentation wasn’t even that great. Best part was the baguette on the side.


Boll Weevil

This weeks burger was eaten at one of our regular spots – Boll Weevil. There are several Weevils throughout San Diego. I’ve been eating at them since I was a small child, back in the day in Santee. This one is a little rough around the edges, but it’s really good for the kids.
They have a decent selection of creative burgers. My usual is either the Bad Burger or Blue Cheese Bacon. The specialty burger baskets come with fries, but you can request onion rings which is what I always do. 1/2 pound specialty burgers are $9.79, 1/4 pound $8.79 I ordered the Blue Cheese Bacon, which is made with some sort of blue cheese spread, bacon, lettuce and tomato. Additional items are on the side via their signature relish/condiment tray. Now I’ve had blue cheese burgers all over, but their spread is one of the stand outs. Not sure how they do it. It’s not exactly a blue cheese dressing, or crumbles. Kind of in between.
Beef patty was big, hot, moderately juicy and cooked perfectly.
The bun was standard white, with sesame seeds, and toasted. The bun seemed to be fresh and barely held together while eating. If you get the 1/2 pound, it’s a lot to handle. You need to hand-hold it just the right way.
The onion rings here are always excellent. Hot, crispy and not too thick.
Service was friendly and genuine. Enjoyed a cold schooner of beer while waiting.
Overall on the burger – it was excellent. I’ve been eating here for years and it’s always consistently good.


Embassy Suites

One of the hotels I stay at frequently. This one is in El Segundo right next to LAX. Known for good made to order breakfasts, although the the hashbrowns here are going down hill. The highlight of my visits though is always the happy hour.



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