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We had outstanding burgers tonight at Cheers of Ramona! They have a reputation for serving some of the best hamburgers in town. I can see why. The overall menu is extensive, while the burger choices are lengthy, varied and unique. I chose the “Horseman”. For $10.99 it’s a 1/4 lb patty topped with American cheese, 1/4 lb of pastrami, grilled onions, pickles and hot mustard sauce. In my opinion, this combination would be better with Swiss cheese, so I requested they substitute Swiss for America. It comes out looking like a hot mess, but it tasted great! Definitely in the top tier of Ramona so far. The menu burgers are a la carte, so fries, rings, etc., are extra.  

This place is the quintessential dive bar, so if you’ve never been there, temper your expectations accordingly. And of course, not safe for kids. 



Brett’s BBQ 

Had a great lunch at Brett’s BBQ in 4S Ranch today. I was actually hoping for lunch around 10am since I was at work at 430am. Didn’t work out. Anyway here’s a generous portion of beef brisket with excellent tater salad and hush puppies. Needless to say I won’t need dinner tonight. It was so good I picked up some for Gail Meddows Edwards on the way home for her dinner. Meats on the slightly dry side but extremely tender.



Probably the most dreadful thing I’ve had at our local Ramona McD’s.  Such a horrid Filet o’ Fish sammich.  It was slathered with so much mediocre tarter sauce, it just turned into such a hot mess to eat.  I seem to recall these things tasting better back in the day.  Maybe they used to be better, or maybe my palate is evolving.  Could be a little of both, I don’t know…



Still the best grocery store sushi in my opinion.  Made fresh daily in front of you…


Taco Patron

This is a small, unassuming taco shop tucked in a tight Rancho Bernardo strip mall.  I got one carne asada and one chicken asada.  I’ve been eating a lot of tacos lately and these weren’t really a standout.  They did use really good guacamole though.  At least it wasn’t dispensed from a caulking gun.  



Claim Jumper

CJ continues to be my favorite restaurant happy hour spot.  They have a small but creative and tasty menu of HH specials.  Here’s some mini tacos and chicken wings…




Embassy Suites

Here’s dinner from a recent stay at Embassy Suites in Palmdale.  Typically I’ll venture out to local eateries for dinner, sometimes I prefer to stay close.  This was one of those nights.  It’s not hard at Embassy with their complimentary happy hour.  This one in Palmdale actually has a pretty decent snack spread.  Better than the one I usually stay at in El Segundo.  From the dinner menu I ordered some sort of a shrimp wrapped in corn tortilla then fried thing.  It was pretty tasty.  I could have used about 12 more of these bad boys to match the abundant dipping sauce…





VFW Post 3783

God bless our Veterans! Had a great burger with new friends at our local Ramona VFW Post 3783 recently.  Only served on Friday nights.

Ginza Sushi

Here’s another of the plethora of sushi joints in Rancho Bernardo.  Ginza is a cute little place in an unfortunately horrible parking lot.  This is a soft shell crab roll.  It’s basically a big fatty California roll that includes fried soft shell crab.  It’s really good, but so awkward trying to eat such a giant roll.  

Pattaya Thai Restaurant 

Located in the Carmel Mountain area of San Diego.  This is a small hole in the wall sit-down Thai restaurant that has some great lunch specials.  I typically order my go-to Pad Thai.  I’d say it was just average here, but the nice touch was a starter plate of soup, salad, won ton, etc.  Service was fast and friendly.  

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