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Ramona Valley Grill

Our sixth burger for the series was recently eaten at Ramona Valley Grill (aka RVG). The place smelled really good from the outside when walking in.
They have a nice selection of about 8 burgers, served with french fries. If you don’t want fries, you can substitute baked or mashed potato, fruit, salad, etc.  
I ordered the Blue Cheeseburger for $8.99 and requested a bacon add. Made with ample chunks of real blue cheese plus standard burger set of lettuce, tomato and onion. Condiments on the side.
Beef patty was a flatter variety, which I prefer, cooked well done. The bun was a high quality bakery-style bun, lightly toasted and fresh tasting. The iceberg lettuce leaves could have used a drying beforehand. There was some slight weeping from the lettuce, resulting in a sogged bottom edge. Fries were cooked well, but pretty average. Some salt and cocktail sauce perked them right up. Bacon was the standout here. Thick, not overcooked and plentiful.
Service all around was outstanding! Especially our server, Katie. She’s always done a fantastic job for us. She made an otherwise mundane evening into a special night out.

Overall on the burger – it was very good. It was built well, and all the components were of obvious high quality and freshness. We’ll definitely be back as much as we can before the end of the year…


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