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The Bootlegger Bistro

Really good high end Italian restaurant in Las Vegas.  Dark, old school atmosphere.  Here’s a tasty salmon dish with ravioli.  What I liked best was my son’s classic spaghetti and meat sauce.  Wish I could go back and get that on its own. 


Nuevo Grill

Great happy hour at Nuevo Grill tonight! So glad it now goes to 6pm. Had my favorite chubby little taquitos and a big 25oz beer. Also tried their wings for the first time. Excellent, not overly hot and I didn’t feel like I had to take a shower after eating them…



RB Sushi

Finally tried RB Sushi today. This is a great Japanese restaurant right off the 15 and Bernardo Center. Large, comfortable, expansive environment with outstanding service. I tried a Calamari Roll for $6 & change. Made with tempura fried calamari, crab, cuce, avo, and whatnot. It was on the small side but tasted really good. Beautiful presentation and a pretty mild wasabi…



Oaks Grille

Brunch at OG this morning – my favorite Eggs Benedict in town. Always cooked perfectly, smothered with a thick, rich and flavorful hollandaise sauce. The hashbrowns this morning on the other hand seemed flat, bland and almost stale. Highlights as always were the complimentary champagne, great atmosphere and views…


Karl Strauss

You’ve seen this dish here before, but I just can’t get enough of it.  They call it the Piggy Bank.  Made with bacon, ham and andouille sausage.  Comfort food at its finest. 


Brigantine Seafood

The Brig, as its affectionately known in SoCal, is a fairly swanky place.  Only open in the evening.  On a recent visit tried the classic Shrimp & Grits.   Pretty good, although the grits seemed on the loose side.   


Mariscos Mar de Cortez

Huevos con jamon at Mariscos this morning for breakfast. $7.99 gets you a huge plate of eggs & ham served with rice, beans and tortillas. It’s a great breakfast at a good value. Chips & salsa are good too. They have a selection of both Mexican and American breakfast offerings.



Boll Weevil

Chicken in a Basket for dinner last night at the Weev! For $10.99 you get a basket of Tyson “honey stung” (whatever that means) fried chicken; fries and a tasty dinner salad. Includes a big fatty breast, thigh and drummette. It’s a nice change when you’re tired of burgers…


Los Amigos

This is the taco shop just down the street from me.  About the only thing good there are the rolled tacos.  It’s either that or a 15 minute drive into town.  Sometime rolled tacos are good enough!


Pizza Studio

Back to my favorite custom pizza place in Poway.  So good and such a thin crust.  It cooks in only two minutes…


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