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Amici Pizza Pasta & Subs

Had a nice dinner tonight at Amici Pizza Pasta & Subs! I’ve always eaten pizza there and decided to venture into their pasta offerings. Tried the Spaghetti. For $8.95 it’s served with marinara or meat sauce. For $11.95 you can add two meatballs or two Italian sausages. As I usually do, I requested one meatball and one sausage. The sauce was rich, hearty and flavorful. Both the meatball and sausage were very large, plump, meaty and just lightly seasoned. The pasta on the other hand seemed at least two minutes past al dente. I was surprised when it came out only 5 minutes after ordering. When I make sketti at home it takes 10-11 minutes. I’m guessing the pasta was pre-cooked, being held in some suspended animation until which time someone happens to order it. I’m not a fan of that methodology and prefer cooked to order. Maybe it was par-cooked, then heated up, I don’t know. It was still overcooked. The meal was served with a generous amount of tasty garlic bread. The service here has been discussed ad nauseum over the years. It was nothing short of friendly for me.


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