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Los Primos 

It must be Taco Tuesday!  Time for a pair of my favorite carne asada tacos.  Prepared in the simple, traditional fashion with onion and cilantro.  


Wings & Things

Back at Wings & Things, this time to try the boneless strips.  I’ll tell ya, I typically prefer my chicken on a bone.  It’s always more tender, flavorful and succulent.  Nice thing about these strips is I could eat it with knife and fork.  I appreciated not feeling like I had to take a shower when I was done! 😂


Donut Touch Bakery

Donuts these days are coming in the oddest shapes, varieties and sizes.  This little donut shop in 4S Ranch is such a gem.  Much better than the mediocre Chinese fastfood restaurant it replaced.  This place even makes the bacon covered maple bars…


The Oaks Grille

Tuesday night is Fried Chicken and Mashed Tater special night at OG/Par Lounge. Tried recently for the first time. For $12 you get 3 pieces of fried chicken (breast, wing, and drum); mashed potatoes and sautéed asparagus. It’s a beautiful presentation, but it was immediately apparent they are frying up baby chicks… Taters were fairly bland, stiff, and overall uninspiring. The institutional chicken gravy served on the side was definitely needed to smooth things out. Highlight of the dish was the excellent asparagus. Big, fatty, and cooked al dente!  I stand by my original assessment that their pizzas are still the hidden gem. My next order…


Love Boat Sushi

Sadly, this place is no longer in business.  That’s just as well though because it was the most horrid parking lot in Rancho Bernardo during lunch time.  I forget what this was called.  Some sort of shrimp roll or something.  Probably one of the simplest, most elegant looking rolls I’ve had.  Just don’t forget to pinch the tails off. 


Boll Weevil

Still one of my favorite burgers up the hill.  The blue cheese / bacon at the Weev!  Their fries are fairly blah and institutional so I usually get the hot, crunchy onion rings. 


Pepe’s Produce 

Recently for breakfast I had the pleasure of trying Pepe’s Tacos for the first time. Tucked just inside Pepe’s Produce, this place is the real deal! I ordered two tacos al pastor. Would you believe these are only $1.25 each?? They were excellent! Exceeded my expectations. You basically get the meat on torts and dress it up as you see fit with a variety of self-serve salsas, onions, cilantro and whatnot. Menu is very small and basic. Mainly just inexpensive, tasty tacos. I think you can get a quesadilla and maybe menudo.  Pepe’s is on the north side of Main St, just east of San Vicente/78. It’s in a building many know as the old Pizza Hut. It still retains some of the recognizable architectural features of a classic Pizza Hut restaurant. It’s been through a few paint jobs though, some drawing more community ire than others. It’s now a subdued tan.


Claim Jumper

One of my favorite things to order at CJ has always been their Clubhouse Sandwich.  It’s made in the traditional fashion with ham, turkey, bacon, etc.  Perfect with the shoestring French fries that I adore.   I find though that an extra side of mayonnaise helps since the three slices of toasted bread tend to dry out your palate fairly quickly…


Par Lounge

For some time I’ve been wanting to try the Blanco Pizza at Par Lounge/OG. Blanco meaning “white” in Italian… or Spanish… or some other love language… I don’t know. Anyway it was excellent. Lady FoodObs and I split a small for $8.50. Perfect afternoon snack with some drinks in a relaxing environment with numerous football games being played. Made with a tasty garlic white sauce, fresh spinach, prosciutto, ricotta and mozzarella. I’m going to try the Margherita next after seeing how good it looked at a neighboring table!


Homemade Mac & Cheese

One of Lady FoodObs’ signature dishes is scratch Mac. Here we sometimes prepare an extra side ramekin to experiment with special ingredients, or mix-ins that may not exactly be kid friendly. With a ten year old at the table we have to be careful. Our main vessel is classic Mac with bacon. A crowd pleaser for all! The side ramekin is where we can add crumbled blue cheese, maybe some cubed pepper jack, chorizo, etc… It’s an extra dish to clean, but that’s ok!


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