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The Par Lounge

Pastrami sammich at the Par Lounge tonight… I’ve been wanting to try this for some time now, and it finally worked out. For $11, made with shavedpastrami, provolone cheese, sweetened whole grain mustard and pickle. Prepared on your choice of parmesan grilled sourdough, or rye. I knowpastrami is traditionally served with rye, but I’m a sucker for sourdough. Add “parmesan grilled” and that’s all she wrote.Turned out better than I expected. A decent amount of hot pastrami that was lean and free of gristle & other oral anomalies. It was not an obscene stack like you get in Jewish delis, but a perfectly proportioned amount that matched nicely with the pickle and grain mustard. Rounding it all out were the hot & crispy fries from the OG kitchen and a cold draft Torpedo IPA… It’s a great evening in Ramona…



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