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The Cork and Craft

This is a fairly new place in RB, trying to be swanky, etc.  a micro brew and fancy wine type place.  I had a pastrami sandwich which was somewhat haphazardly constructed.  Not made with near enough pastrami either.  Fresh fried tater tots were a nice touch and really tasty.  And I do appreciate my condiments in a stainless steel dish!


Chipotle Mexican Grill

When at Chipotle, I prefer my burrito in the bowl.  Simple style with rice, meat and cheese only.  Maybe a little salsa.  Certainly no beans, corn nonsense, etc.  here’s the steak which goes perfectly with a liberal dousing of green Tabasco.  


RB Sushi

Rarely do I venture far from the tried and true California Roll.  But at RB Susie I’m able to stomach the Spicy Albacore Roll.   It’s really good, and even better with a squirt of fresh lemon.  This one is a good choice for those hesitant about raw fish stuffs…


The Par Lounge

Here’s one from the archives… Super Bowl Sunday from earlier this year at the Par.  Chicken wings were tasty but the only bar snack they had were cheese puffs.  Pretty tacky!  Even if they were in a football shaped dish.  At least the beer was good as always…


Nuevo Grill

Still the best enchiladas (and chips & salsa) in town. Loved my Chicken Enchiladas Verde from Nuevo Girl last night. I noticed they had some good looking Langostino dishes on the menu I want to try next time. Service tonight was nothing short of outstanding!! I’ve noticed an all-around improvement last couple of visits…  A fine meal and the 25 oz. frosty mug from the Cantina made for an enjoyable Ramona Saturday evening.


Los Amigos Taco Shop

One of the more sad displays of rolled tacos in Ramona.  The only thing that keeps us coming back is that it’s only 3 minutes away!  All the other taco shops are at least a 15 minute drive into town. 


Jack in the Box

Ever since the Super Bowl I’ve been wanting to try the new Butter Burger at JIB. Today I got that chance. Really, nothing to write home about here. Just an average fast food burger. The only real butter I observed had pooled in the wrapping, no doubt mixed with beef juice seepage. I really didn’t notice a discernible buttery flavor while eating it. Fairly subdued in fact. The ButterBurger comes in two varieties, I chose the bacon/swiss.

Yesenia’s Mexican Food

Some of the best tacos around are at Yesenia’s.  Here’s some shrimp with a great green sauce on the side.  


Jack in the Box

JIB has some great appetizers.  I think I’ve featured the egg rolls before, but my favorite has to be their jalapeño poppers.  I could eat these for breakfast!


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