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I haven’t had too many chicken biscuits in my day.  In fact I can probably count the number of times on one hand.  Let’s see, there was Bojangles, Dunkin Donuts and now CFA.  Ok, two fingers left!  I can easily say CFA has been the best so far.  Right up there with Bojangles.  DD tasted like something I could have got from the freezer section at Smart & Final.  The biscuit was just how I like it.  Soft in the center with a nice, crispy and textured exterior.  And of course a liberal buttery sheen helps!  

I’m not the biggest fan of fried chicken for breakfast.  I’d much rather have a nice smoked sausage patty.  This was very good though.  Will certainly get it again, just not on a regular basis.  



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