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Slater’s 50/50

This is a great restaurant with an interesting twist on burgers.  They call themselves 50/50 because their signature burger patties are formed with 50% ground beef and 50% bacon!  Honestly it wasn’t that noticeable and I really would have just preferred some crispy bacon slices atop my juicy beef patty.  

The burger I ordered from their menu is simply called the 50/50.  Made with pepper jack cheese, sunny side up egg, avocado mash (that’s called guacamole where I come from), chipotle adobo mayo and a brioche bun.  This monstrosity was a hot mess, but really good.  I had to take two showers when we got home!  

Also featured here is an order of their fried mac & cheese balls (which weren’t that great) and beer battered onion rings (very good).  



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