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Pailin Thai Cafe

My new favorite curry is Panang!  And I appreciate how Pailin plates it so I can easily mix it in with the rice.  I’m not a fan of  restaurants who serve their Thai curries in a separate vessel.  


Edelweiss Bakery

Here’s a great pecan bar from Edelweiss Bakery.  This place has been in business since 1967.  Two locations in San Diego with a history of more than three decades serving some pretty elite clientele.  What they put out is just amazing!


The Kebab Shop

Back to TKS, this time for a beef/lamb plate with saffron rice and a great cucumber salad.  The meat is shaved off one of those big rotating log things, gyro style.  Just outstanding!


Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks

Order of nachos at Islands is well worth it.  Cobb salad on the other hand was just fair.  I’ve had better at lesser restaurants. 


Jalapeño’s Mexican Food

One of my taco shop favorites, the carne asada quesadilla.  Jalapeno’s did a fine job!


Claim Jumper

CJ continues to be one of the best happy hour spots around.  A great menu with affordable bar food favorites.  The chicken wings were excellent, and onion rings pretty tasty.  



Charm Thai Kitchen

First time trying red curry and it was excellent!  I was concerned about the bamboo shoots, but they weren’t that bad.  I think being julienned helped.  


Miguel’s Cocina

Enchiladas de Mole Poblanos at Miguel’s.  What an amazing dish.  Pechugas de pollo enchiladas with house made mole sauce, fresh avocado slices, Cotija cheese, sesame seeds and pickled onions.  Let me tell you something about these pickled onions.  It’s a garnish I dearly adore at Mexican restaurants.  I will seek out dishes on the menu that have these onions!


Edelweiss Bakery

So happy to have such a great bakery close to the office so I can bring home some sweet treats to the family!  No, these eclairs haven’t been there since 1967, but this great bakery has.  


Taco Bell

Some of my favorite things at The Bell!  The ubiquitous Crunchwrap and chicken soft taco.  Affordable and one of the more flavorful fast food options.  Now I just need to get in there to try one of those Quesalupas!


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