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Panera Bread

Recently tried an egg salad sammich at Panera.  Not the best I’ve had here but tasty nonetheless. 


Carl’s Jr. 

So, I had to try this new breakfast sammich at Carl’s.  French toast with sausage, egg and way too much syrup!  The French toast was tasty but the syrup was a bit much.  I felt like I had to take a shower when I was done…


La Cocina Mexican Food

Breakfast at La Cocina this morning. Sometimes I just like a good combination plate. Here’s the #2, Beef Taco and Cheese Enchilada. Just excellent for a taco shop plate! I remember back in the day their enchiladas swimming in a pool of grease, but this one was good and didn’t leave my hair shiny. Such a nice lady working this morning too!  Rice was hot (unlike Manana’s) and fresh tasting. I appreciated the fact that it wasn’t teeming with peas, carrots, corn, etc!

I will say though that $8.50 is a bit steep for being served on a foam plate.


Los Amigos

So, I restored my “friendship” with Los Amigos tonight with some bangin’Barbacoa Tacos! Just excellent! Lady Food Obs had hers burrito style which was even better.


Probably the only fast food restaurant I would order a salad is Wendy’s.  I dearly adore their Caesar salad with spicy, crispy chicken.  Even if I have to ask for an extra dressing packet.  


Manana’s Mexican Food

One of the better taco shop machaca plates in Ramona.  I only wish the rice was hotter.  Extra points for being served on a real plate!


Kaminski’s BBQ & Sports Lounge

Here’s a great plate of beef ribs!  Two was plenty along with some outstanding fries and slaw.  Definitely needed the “lounge” part of this restaurant after such a meal…


Carnitas Tacos

Here’s some great homemade carnitas tacos with scratch guacamole, etc.  Usually when we do a big pork shoulder in the crock pot we reserve a portion of meat to make carnitas.  The rest usually winds up as BBQ pulled pork and what not…


Brothers Provisions

Great new artisan market & deli in Rancho Bernardo, very much a specialty neighborhood store.  Here’s the Hermanos Cubano (Cuban sandwich) made with toasted French roll, house smoked pork loin, smoked ham, Serrano aioli, sculpin mustard, Monterey Jack and house pickles.  Probably the best Cuban sammich I’ve had!


Taco Bell

Recently tried these new dare devil loaded grilled things at the Bell.  Here’s a ghost pepper and chipotle version.  Really not bad for only a buck each!


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