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Pailin Thai Cafe

My favorite lunch special Panang Curry!  I like how Pailin serves this all on one dish.  Typically the curry lunch specials are segregated into distinct dishes roughly the size of a large ashtray.  Eating here saves the headache of coalescing everything on the plate.  


The Par Lounge

Some of the best pizza close to home is still Par Lounge.  Even if it does sometimes look like it was cooked under a broiler!


Karl Strauss

I have a love/hate relationship with pastrami sandwiches.  More hate than love actually.  It’s rare to find a place with an outstanding pastrami sammich.  Unfortunately Karl’s wasn’t it.  Here’s their Chipotle Pastrami made with pepper jack, beer onions, chipotle ale mayo, ciabatta and fries.  I loved the warm soft ciabatta, but everything else fell flat.  Usually the pastrami is lacking in quantity, with excess fat, gristle, etc.  I’ve had worse pastrami sandwiches, but not by much.


Taco Bell

I can never keep up with the ever changing menu at The Bell, but this volcano quesarito thing was outstanding!  Who knows how long it’ll be on the menu, but if they still have it, it’s worth a try.  


La Cocina

This was a rare treat, getting a high capacity salsa dish at La Cocina.  Subsequent visits however have proved this to be a fluke and not the norm.  I know it’s hard to tell under this blanket of lettuce and cheese, but I think this was some sort of enchilada and a chile relleno.  


Sushiya Escondido

Sometimes I forego the exotic rolls and stick with a timeless classic, the California Roll.  Even if it is made with krab with a K!  This place in Esco delivers the goods in fine fashion when it comes to susie and various Japanese foodstuffs.  


Brigantine Seafood

On a recent trip to The Brig we sampled some tasty happy hour fare.  The onion rings were excellent, came out hot and crispy.  The calamari was a bit sad and limp for a “seafood” restaurant.  Quite institutional in fact, coming out in stick form.  I’m not gonna sugar coat it!  I felt like I ordered them from a bowling alley snack bar.  The highlight of the evening was definitely the outstanding tacos made with a generous amount of tender, flavorful braised beef short rib meat.  


Karl Strauss

Here’s one of Karl’s seasonal specials that should really be on their regular menu.  An outstanding fried catfish plate with fries, etc.   served with an amazing remoulade sauce. 


Pattaya Thai

This place is pretty middle of the road as far as SoCal Thai food goes.  My go to dish, Pad Thai, is decent.  I’ve had better, I’ve had worse.  What makes this place stand out are the great lunch specials!  I love their first course dish of salad, wonton, spring roll, soup, etc. 


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