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Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks

Here’s a great Chicken Club Wrap lunch special at Islands.  Made with grilled & chilled sliced chicken breast, Applewood smoked bacon, avocado, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, ranch dressing & BBQ sauce all rolled up in a flour tortilla.  Served with fries, this was a satisfying meal at an affordable price.  

Salsa Mexican Food

Salsa Mexican Food for breakfast this morning! I ordered the #15, Mar y Tierra ($9.50). It’s sort of a Mexican surf & turf affair. Made with a generous amount of lean carne asada and sautĂ©ed shrimps with peppers & onions. Served with hot tortillas and rice & beans.  They did not skimp on the shrimp, but they seemed of average quality. Medium sized, maybe 41-50s at best. Carne was as good as I’ve always had here. Rice was not hot. Flour tortillas were excellent. Hot, soft & supple. Not all dried and cracked up.

Overall, this was a pretty good dish for a taco shop. It was even served on a real plate…

Claim Jumper

One of my favorite happy hour menus is still at CJ.  BBQ Chicken Pizza always hits the spot.  It’s well made with just the right amount of toppings.  

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Here I am back at Chipotle!  And no, I didn’t wind up in the hospital LOL.  Maybe because I’m sticking with my usual burrito bowl made with rice, barbacoa beef, cheese, salsa and not much else.  I stay away from the beans, chicken, etc. Maybe that’s what’s kept me from meeting my deductible yet this year.  

Pho Hoang Express

Trying Vietnamese cuisine again. This time some sort of bone-in, flat, grilled porkchop thing.  It was very good and flavorful.  These spring rolls on the other hands tasted like I was eating rubber gloves!  Not going to be ordering those again. 

Pailin Thai Cafe

My favorite place for Thai lunch specials in SoCal!  This time I ordered my Pad Thai with BBQ pork.  What an outstanding choice!  My new usual 😅

El Taco Loco Shop

Outstanding al pastor tacos at El Taco Loco Shop (inside Ramona Market)!  Got two recently for only $3.49 😭

Pizza Nova

Here I am again at the Pizza Nova located in the Point Loma area west of downtown San Diego.  Some of the finest calamari appetizers of most most places I’ve tried.  Here’s a great and light pasta dish called “Tomato Basil Angel Hair”, made with fresh maters, basil, garlic, olive oil, etc.  Add sautĂ©ed shrimps for a nominal fee.  Outstanding dinner that left me looking for a prone position.  

Karl Strauss 

This was a strange dish called “Korean BBQ Pupusa”.  Not sure what Pupusa means, but apparently it starts with thick corn tortillas stuffed with jack cheese.  From there it gets topped with Korean BBQ chicken, cilantro crema, shredded cabbage, spicy hot sauce (is there any other type?), radish and sesame.  Looked very intriguing on the menu and made for a great photo, but I doubt I would order this again. 

Pho Hoang Express

First time trying this dish called Pho (don’t ask me how to pronounce it) and it won’t be the last!  I selected a more simplistic version with sliced rare beef.  You can get with all sorts of tendon, organ meat, etc.  No thank you.  Also added an order of great Vietnamese egg rolls that were so crispy, hot and perfect. 

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