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Pete’s Smoked BBQ & Burgers

So we just had to get lunch from Pete’s Smoked BBQ & Burgers (inside Ramona Liquor – 977 Main Street).
I’ve eaten here several times and have always been impressed. I’ve had tacos, burritos, chicken curry, etc. All were great. 

It seems their kitchen and menu have recently undergone some changes. I was excited to see brisket on the menu! We ordered a Brisket Plate ($9.99) that includes two sides and rolls. We chose mac & cheese and corn on the cob. I also elected to add a third side (potato salad) for $2.50.

The brisket was decent, but only included a modest amount. It was adorned with some french fried onions and a quick mop of tasty sauce. I thought the brisket was sliced unusually thin. I’m guessing it was to mask the fact that it wasn’t overly tender.

Potato salad was excellent! Tender potato chunks mixed with a decidedly dill flavored dressing that wasn’t too loose. Really good job here.

Mac & cheese was terrible. It was basically just velveeta shells & cheese. It was kicked up with some spice though. Maybe a dash of hot sauce or cayenne, I don’t know. Had a bite to it. Unfortunately it was not enough to mask the elementary school cafeteria quality of the side. 

I probably won’t order this again, or maybe I’d try it in sandwich form. I’m definitely looking forward to trying the Lamb Gyro next time!


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