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Boll Weevil

Boll Weevil last night was sporting a new menu insert featuring an entire line of “Un-Boll Weevil-able” burgers! These are actually a compilation of their monthly burger specials over the years, all in one spot. Now all available, all the time!The Weev has stacked up some amazing creations here – all hovering around 9 -13 dollars (served with fries). There’s about 8 or 9 to choose from. I definitely want to try at least half of them…

I had the “Red White & the Blue”, $12.99. Made with a half pound steerburger with bacon, bell pepper, blue cheese crumbles, grilled onions, lettuce & mater. This came out looking like a hot mess! I swear I had to take two showers after we got home. It’s made with their standard institutional, bottom shelf bun, but at least it was fresh. There’s definitely a lot going on here, but the beef patty is what remains at the forefront throughout. I had at least two-thirds grilled onion taste, but the blue cheese and bell peppers seemed to be fairly aloof. And the bacon was really only discernible in one or two bites.  

I’m not gonna sugar coat it. I would certainly order this again, but for $13, wish that a little more care would be taken in crafting this monstrosity. Along with a more prominent bacon note and a top-shelf bun.

Gail had “The Messy” made with nacho cheese, BBQ sauce, fries, bacon, etc. It was a monster!

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