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D’Carlos for dinner tonight! I went traditional and ordered off the “Old Time Favorites” part of the menu. Here’s my country fried steak, only $11, served with mashed taters.  
The CFS was a fairly conservative portion and did not seem to be made from scratch. It was still good, came out hot, etc. Only one oral extraction. Gravy seemed to be a good, light chicken variety white gravy. Did not need any extra s&p.  

The mashed potatoes did seem scratch made and were of a good, rustic consistency. Not overly creamy or buttery, and made with skin-on taters. 

Service was top-shelf tonight! Our server did an outstanding job – kudos to her 🙂 

Between 3-5 pm everyday your entire meal is 20% off! This is a really good deal and takes a good chunk off your check at the end. Definitely recommend going, (depending on what you order…)


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2 thoughts on “D’Carlos 

  1. Been so long since I had chicken fried steak.. now got a craving

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