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Since we were at D’Carlos last weekend, we had to include an order of onion rings for our series…Shown here is an appetizer order for $7. It was a cute presentation. Rings on a bed of greens, nestled in one of those plate/skillet things.

Rings came out perfectly hot, and modestly seasoned. I did note that it was a fairly conservative portion for $7. Biggest take away here is how thick and fatty they were! Not really our preferred style. The server did accurately indicate they’re not housemade, but in my opinion they’re using a very high quality product! I also appreciated that they fried them well done, extra crispy.

Rings here are served standard with a side of ranch dressing. (Love D’Carlos salad dressings).

Overall rating is 3.5 stars. Slight ding for small portion and being way too thick.


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