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Dinner at Cheers of Ramona recently to check out their onion rings… First up though was my hot mess of a burger! I got the Cheers “Trail” Burger for $10.99. It’s made with all the fixins plus bacon, jalapeños, BBQ sauce, and onion rings with cheese. There was seriously way too much going on with this one! I had to change clothes half way though and take two showers after getting home. It was all good and everything, but took way too much effort to keep it all together. Literally made me tired eating this monstrosity. Menu called out onion rings, but there were none. It was just grilled red onions. Beef patty was a good, thick half pound, cooked perfectly, hot & juicy. Next time we go back I’ll definitely be getting something on the simpler side!The appetizer order of “beer battered onion rings” here is $5.99. Their great burgers are a la carte, so you can add an order of fries, rings or frings to share with friends, family or loved ones.  

They came out perfectly hot and extra crispy, just how we like. Plus, not overly thick and fatty like D’Carlos. There’s more here in the basket than what the picture looks like so I’d say it’s a fair value. Comes with a side of really good ranch dressing.

This was a solid 4 star serving of rings at Cheers. On par with what you get at UTHG/Way Point Saloon which were also 4 star a few weeks ago. Key differences were that Cheers were a bit hotter and crispier, but UTHG/WPS picked up the slack with their outstanding “fry sauce” and breathtaking tower presentation.

Side note about the beer – and I’m not gonna sugar coat it! Tasted like the glass came straight from a hot dishwasher that didn’t quite make it through the last rinse cycle.


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