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Lemongrass Thai Food 

Lunch special Pad Thai at Lemongrass. $6.95, made with your choice of chicken or tofu. Since I prefer animal proteins I chose chicken. I usually don’t go all negative, but there’s really not much good I can say about this lunch special (other than the service). I actually wanted to check out the new Pinto Thai but their parking lot was all jacked up!It’s a very conservative portion of Pad Thai that is oddly served with a side of rice. Usually noodle dishes are not served with rice (the menu even states this). Instead you just get a bigger portion along with maybe some crispy won tons or fried spring roll or something. This Pad Thai today was very loose. The tamarind sauce should tighten up somewhat when being wok fired. I eat a lot of Pad Thai throughout SoCal and this one was pretty sad.


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