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Nuevo Grill & Cantina

Love happy hour at Nuevo Grill! My fave on the HH menu continues to be the taquitos. Only $3.50, it’s their excellent carne asada meat chopped up, mixed with jalapeño and their red enchilada sauce, all grilled up, then hand-rolled into these tasty stubby chubbies…  M-F 3-6p, worth a visit (depending on what you order). Plus the dollar off drink specials and outstanding chips & salsa.

This weeks onion rings happened to be at Nuevo Grill! On the Happy Hour menu for $3.50. I didn’t see them listed on the normal menu appetizer section. Not sure if you can order them outside of HH. Honestly it’s just as well.

They came out not quite hot and crispy enough. Some even seemed soggy like they weren’t fried long enough or the fry oil wasn’t up to a high enough temperature. Overall bland, drippy and institutional.

The portion seemed fairly conservative. Comes plated atop a bed of tortilla strips and a sad looking piece of lettuce. Served with a side of… a bottle of ketchup.

I’d rank this as a 2.5 star serving of rings. If you’ve read my reviews over the years, you know I’m a fan of Nuevo Girl. But not everything on the menu is a homerun though and this barely made it to first base.

If you go during HH you can’t beat an order of their excellent taquitos and a 25 oz frosty mug of draft beer… Plenty to like here, the rings just weren’t it.


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